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All about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorAll about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy
So who is telling u to be a holy knight
If u want to become from lvl 9 onwards and howerver u r still not the right person to become knight
u dnt know how to use ur troops properly , dnt have gd strategy neither know how to chat and say thx when ppl help u just change ur faction and never do post in this topic.
for ConsulJang:
do you have any realization that what would have been in the fate of wolves if they attacked the guards without retal?

It was an instant win then for eddy.
Guards are slow but they are high in defense and mighty.They are not some soft flesh that you can just charge and have a piece of.If now you don't realize the power of guards/swords then dude knight is not a faction for you
if guards have a high initiative, knights will be overpowered and why will be the one to complain first.
"Swords are weak"
lol that is the lame'st thing that i ever heard
and only a wiz can say that.
A good player from any faction doesn't even bring the strongest of his troops in guards range, the 49 tiles they cover is the best & safest place for any ally and a nightmare for a foe.
Talking about wolfs, they need to retail guards before they strike or else all are aware what will happen if they don't.
Either you are not a good player or not are unlucky if your guards die because of wolfs.
But how can a wiz like you understand guards might whose gargs are afraid to enter my FARMER'S range
Dang, I had a beer or two (more like some bourbon and cokes and then a beer) and forgot how to play. :/

I suck.
for Xhuda:
get sober you will catch up soon
i thought this conversation was over if your brain does not reach what i say, so why some kids bring it up?
for ConsulJang:
Why our brain needs to reach anywhere?It's your inability to understand what we are saying.Now how many times have you made yourself "joky" on forums on this stand.Still your brain is not ready to accept that fact,now whose a whiny kid here?
*pity* :(

enough of those. dont initial a flaming here; just leave him will do. as i said, all he need was lose another few K battles then he will learn from it.

it is his choice to learn something through the hard way, so be it.


our dear knight buddy, this is a topic in general forum. everyone has the right to discuss here as long as he/she is following the rules. yet, your conversation had became a topic for other to discuss XD

also, think before you click the 'post' button. you were lv 8 now, i m sure you had been LWM for not a short time and know the rules better.
im lv5,should increase my recruit or bowmans??
in duels and GB,sory
Buy recruits, but Max swords, then max Bowmen, have like 4 recruits.
Max griff before bows! (should've said that!)
I like to be a magic knight but I think i better not do that till my fsp gets to my same lvl fellows am i right?
i think i did my very best in tourney 66,*** exp..
there is a knight with 71,***
but he has royal griff..
hope u don't surpass me blazin :P
I like to be a magic knight but I think i better not do that till my fsp gets to my same lvl fellows am i right?

before someone answer you, ask yourself again THAT 'are you ready to accept the advices?'; else, none will happy on his advices become a joke for you.

we have alot kind and helpful players around but not if someone teasing them.
Pang can you send me 150k gold for change faction to de? my fsp is fuking me up. since you are a kid and don't need your acc
[Player banned by moderator Pang until 2012-02-02 17:51:37 // no begging, offensive statement, foul language, insults mod]

chance was given and you dont seem appreciate it. very well...

some add on, switch back to your wiz and earn your gold with it. after that STAY with your wiz, i can see you will complain again later even you switch to DE, just because DE is another newb faction. XD
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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