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All about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorAll about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy

never rely on luck, you wont know when will it trigger. best course of action should be plan well :)

always make sure your cavalry and griffin can kill something before dead. they seldom survive long in pvp, especially 1 zap from wiz can wipe a full stack cavalry or 50%-60% griffin
What should be my setup in CG on lvl 10 as a holy knight? I have max guards, max monks and the rest xbows
for sry:
You made a HUGE mistake that could have cost you the battle. There were two hits on the apparitions, so next is 100% miss. You had monks move 3 times, and all those 3 times you shot vampire. And then you went for appas with guards, of course it was a miss and the retal really hurt you. You should have shot appas with monk, to reset that 100% miss, and then guardians would not have committed suicide like that)

it is just same like what you did in GB :)
Hi I am a level 6 knight I want 2 know my recruitment in pvp and hunt and my primary parameters without ap
and my talents also for hunt and pvp
for non-pvp, max bowmen is all you can get and max griffin to kill whoever soften by bowmen. you can split 1 griffin to take retal and the rest of griffin in 1 stack to attack.

any other bowmen not good with (such as range hunt), all go to max swordsmen setup, same setup for pvp.

stats, you can go to attack, that's the most simple way for might. magic built isnt good at your level range.

talent, rally should be the best bet in most cases. in pvp, you can go with basic luck with escort.
ok thx a lot
Hey people,
My multi is a knight. Just got lvl 7 with it & wanted to know which talents will will be good?
basic offense+ fury is the best talent for lvl 7 if u are planning ur game in an attacking fashion....
what is the best recuit for level 8 knight.. and the talent to use for
If you want be a holy Knight then:

PvE: Max xbow/swords depending on the type of hunt>Monks>Griffins>Recruits.

Talents:Adv holy+basic fortune or Expert Holy.

PvP: Max swords>Monks>Griffin>Xbow

Talents: Same as PvE.
[Post deleted by moderator Pang // flooding in GGF]
[Player banned by moderator Pang until 2012-01-09 13:11:24 // flooding in GGF]
I got destroyed by this demon caravan. What could I have done differently to possibly win this battle?

well, i would say troop settlement isnt good enough :\

2905th post for you as reference :)

for 3453:

your TG difficulty looks too high.
its time to play with min ap and lose battles.

no way to win these battles, unless plenty of luck and morale triggers.
should I increase attack or defence parameter?o.0
should I increase attack or defence parameter?o.0
definitely attack
does anyone know how to fight the mercenary sorcerer because they are very strong and when tournament have them i will lose at there too

pls somebody help
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