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Eternal Wars


AuthorEternal Wars
Just post up your comment here.It's okay.So Chapter 1 will be LONG.Cause we are going to introduce our "Heroes"of the story and what theirs desires.

Cross of Death:
It all began in a country to the far,far,far north of the Great Capital and also Silent Hill. There stood a frozen, abandoned castle haunted by the spirits of fallen warriors. At the middle, stood a throne with a crown sitting on it. It was named the Cross of Death as the middle of the crown was a cross with a skeleton hanging on it. Whoever wore it would receive the power from all the previous Kings.

Nelo's camp, Forest. 8:14am.

"Yaaawwwwnnnn.What a night!", said a male knight named Nelo Erwin von Swiselo. He carried 2 light long swords. Even for a knight, Nelo was lonely and poor but he had good sword skills and was good at martial arts.
Suddenly, a bird flew overhead. Nelo decided to make it his dinner. He unsheathed one of his swords and threw it at the bird. It missed. Before Nelo could make a second throw, an arrow struck the bird. The bird fell near the foot of a horse, but when Nelo glanced up he saw it was actually only half horse. Half horse and half human.

Creature Data:
Name: Centaur.
Info: They are good archers and good melee attackers. Unlike normal horses, they can attack you when you ride on them. So don't try to ride on them unless they allow you to.T hey are also good runners and and are considered extremely wise.

"Hey, that's my dinner! Dumb horse!", shouted Nelo. "Whoever saw it first gets it."

"You were the one who missed it.", said the Centaur.

Without further ado, Nelo attacked the Centaur. It was a close blow but he missed. The Centaur kicked Nelo in the chest and ran away with the bird.

"Ouch, COWARD HORSE!", roared Nelo at the quickly retreating figure.
6:00pm Centaur Base.

The centaur returned to it's base. Soon, several other centaurs returned as well. Each carried with them a dead animal.

"Mundus, go to the forest and cut down some trees for firewood.", commanded the Centaur Cheiftain.

Mundus went to the forest. The rest of the centaurs prepared their food.

9:00pm, Centaur Base

They prepared a fire in the camp. Then, they settled down for a while to rest and waited for the ax-man to return.

"Strange. It seems there are many blue lights around the forest. What could they be?", asked a young centaur.

"I m not sure. I think there are fireflies. They emit light", said an elder centaur.

Just then, Mundus returned with a bottle and his axe.

"Guys. Look at what I found! A wisp!", exclaimed Mundus.

Creature info: A small sprite. Usually only has a face. They are formed from ancient spirits. They have the ability to get lumber without cutting or doing any damage to trees. They can become trees themselves but then they're quite vulnerable. They can also self destruct to inflict damage to they're opponent.
There is more.Wait,it's under checking of grammar and spelling(XD).By the way,I might put a "Staring" list.
My war?? "Eternal"....hehehe....
Wisp and Centaur come WoW , right ?
nice son continue it.
remindes me of another race which originated from the elves
My war?? "Eternal"....hehehe....

No yours.Sry.

Wisp and Centaur come WoW , right ?

If you mean world of warcraft.Yes.I add a lot of element from differents games including this 1.I m going to add weopons from Devil May Cry and martial arts from Dragonballs and more.

nice son continue it.

thanks mom.

remindes me of another race which originated from the elves
Blood elf?
Suddenly, a woman's voice yelled, "Attack, my sisters! Destroy those centaurs who cuts down our forest and captures our wisp!"

Then, it seemed that a rain of arrows fell from the sky. Several women riding panthers jumped from the surrounding trees and struck. Some of the centaurs tried to reach their weapons but most of them were killed before they realized what was going on. Soon, all of them were dead except one who managed to escape.

12:00PM,The Kingdom of Night and Dark Elves

Detail: The Kingdom of Night and Dark Elves is in the form of several gigantic treefolk, tunnels and caves. There are shops and marketplaces around the caves and forests and in the middle lies a great palace which was a part of a growing tree. It was ruled by several great kings(Night/Dark elf ruler can live for more than ten thousands years). When enemies attack, younger and stronger treefolks will work as turret and destroy their enemy. Currently, their leader is the first queen who ruled the Kingdom. Queen Alina Shadowbringer.

"My queen. A large group of centaurs has begun to cut down the trees. But they were killed by General Rapheal Stormrage's soldiers.", reported a messenger.

"Good. Those useless centaurs should be killed. They deserve death.", exclaimed the queen.

Then,the general enters the hall. "Your majesty, shouldn't we show a little mercy to them? After all,the Centaur Great Coliseum has given us golds and metals as gift."

"Are you trying to go against me, general Rapheal? I'm already merciful enough to let you be the only man in my kingdom to walk freely.", replied the queen.

Even through the queen said that, General Rapheal know that the reason she let him remain awake from eternal sleep was because that he had great leadership.

The general walked out of the palace. He felt unfair. Everybody except the loyal guard hated the queen. But the queen's loyal guard was way too powerful and the queen herself possessed supreme magic. People feared her as she had single-handedly defeated every loyal guard of the Last King and the King was one who had possessed the power of a demi-god.

After that incident, the queen claimed the throne. She made all the male of that forest sleep for forever except one, Rapheal Stormrage.
great keep it up but i still remember playing this mission in WoW i mean killing centaurs
great keep it up but i still remember playing this mission in WoW i mean killing centaurs

I get the idea from frozen throne:The founding of Durator.There is a massive amount of centaur in the 1st mission.
Bravo !
Keep It Up

I get the idea from frozen throne:The founding of Durator.There is a massive amount of centaur in the 1st mission.

u plat it too? ^^ my buddy
During the same night of the day,the queen invite Rapheal to her room.Rapheal knock the door and enter the royal bedroom."Yes,your masjesty?How can I be in service?"asked Rapheal.The queen stared at Rapheal with hatred.

"You started a rebellion against me.I found out that you discover a cure to my eternal sleep curse.Then,you awaken many druids.Your acts is unforgivable.I shall execute you NOW"said the queen in maddess.

Rapheal try to draws his sword.But he find out that he didn't bring out his sword.The queen change both her hand into talons and strike Rapheal.Rapheal try to dodge it but the gigantic talons slices up a bit of his armour and he bleeds.

"Father!"yell a voice behind the opening door.It's was Rapheal's daughter,Lucia Stomrage.She is peering from the doorhole.

"My dear,what on earth you are doing here?"asked Rapheal.

By taking this chance,the queen strike Rapheal when he is not focusing during the battle.The evil queen kills Rapheal with a fatal strike in the heart.

"NOOO!"cries Lucia.

Slowly,Rapheal's body transform into a wisp.The queen want to destroy the wisp but Lucia drews her father's sword and slashs the queen.But it's misses.Without wasting time,the girl took her father and jump from the window.Then,she makes herself invisible(Night Elf talent).

She runs to the market.Then,she buys an bottle and keep her father inside.In this way,her father will not flies to Heaven.

"It's seem I had to ask asisstance from "him"."said Lucia"But how should I pass by all the guards?"

Then,she saw a dark elf guard drunked on the other side.She got an idea.

She drag the drunked guard behind the tree and exchange outfit with it.

End of part 1 of Chapter 1.
Hey crossxvamki do u play warcraft? cuz many of their names are from that game
for example the wisp is a night elfs creature that has that ability u said
an bottle "a" bottle :)
yes ur right
an bottle "a" bottle :)

Oh.Perhap Switch didnt see that 1 coming.By the way,I was somebody who is good in english.Any1 can help me?

T.T.Switch is gone.

I hope something can asisst me in check spelling and grammar.Can any1 help me?
drunked drunk :D

sooo switch checks your spelling and grammar?:D
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