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equilibrium blade e1

Authorequilibrium blade e1
should i repair when it runs out of durability or not
not worth it.
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Sell it & buy a new one unless you have enchantments on it.
it does earth magic one percent
Well, an E1 is about 3350 gold worth of enchantment, so if you really want to preserve that, repairing is 'cheaper' per se.

But E1 is common enough to obtain (just 2 elements, MG 0 requirement to get during MG quests..) and with the rates that enchanters are offering, (money back if you provide elements, 50% odd discount if you don't, etc), it heavily depends on whether it's easy for you to get someone to re-do a E1 on a new Equi blade rather than finding a good repair guy (who isn't busy with tons of repair orders) to repair it to about 80-90%

It comes down to opportunity costs, not simple maths.

To me, E1 is simple enough to order a re-do and the low level enchanters would love the skill boost and would happily give a discount rather than you paying a good repair smith who does not really need the points as much (already at SG 8) 100-120% of the repair costs. But that's my 2 cents
im enchanting myself
I would say no...unless you want to help a friend's smith guild lol.
If you are enchanting yourself and doing it to level enchanting, then why do you want to repair it?

You should always sell the art to either shop or another player whether it runs out of durability or not. The goal would be getting rid of the art so you can enchant more.
Should sell it at Inventory ... or sell to another one with more 500 gold price or even more than 500 .. try it .. at Ordinary Arts section .. :)
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