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besides warriors guild war-clans is any other guild planning on going into war-clan???

pls no spammers, serious answers since I'm interested in joining one.
My Clan has a war Clan - Titans of War. Contact rashad for joining. :)
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elite warriors, league of shadows, rivendale.. probably more , other than 5 mentioned so far..
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Plenty of clans create sub war clans, or plan to get converted.

It should be noted however that war clans won't be iontroduced in any forseeable future - there are no plans for it. So for now it's same clans undr different name, and in some cases - better services.
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Puh-lease, binghuo, let's not turn this thread into an advertisement contest, shall we? :)
will wait for my friend zac to decide...

kotrin, hear with you when time comes. closed cause of spamm
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