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Thief Ambush, lvl 8, Knight

AuthorThief Ambush, lvl 8, Knight
I am unable to understand that whom should I protect while ambushing.. I mean I have to protect my Xbowmen but then my monks get bare and though they dont have melee penalty nothing like their arrows! Any way in which I can protect them both for atleast two turns.. Am unable to think of any!

Worst case is when there are two stacks of faeries and they just get into the crossbowmen!


Also I know many ppl have asked about the Xbowmen to swords ratio before and ppl have generally advised to max Xbowmen and then swords but once Xbowmen get surrounded, they are so docile and useless! Whereas there is nothing like the compact and hard swordsmen that we have!
I have read that before sry, but I dont find their anything to remove my doubts!
maybe, just maybe, you can split your monks to protect your xbows
That was one thing which came to my mind too.. I might forgive the fact that a stack of 9 monks is very tough to kill because in the dmg formula the defence factor becomes pretty high for the monks.. But then does that mean I should max out my Xbowmen? You all know how other elves fear swords! :D
I meant how other factions and not elves..
Well, I like to put my xbow in the corner with the monk next to it. Then 2 stacks of 1 guardian for the other 2 spots to surround my xbow.

I generally max out my guardians and minimize my xbow. With the best arts xbow do enough damage already plus it won't be long before all the caravan units overwhelm the xbow.

Generally my guardians end up solo'ing over half the caravan. And of course escort helps a lot. :)
I notice most Knights that ambush don't go full xbow...in fact, they stack up hard on Knights.

I saw some of your old battles.. Really old and I now get your point :)
I give my personal exp. in 99% of my ambush i split xbow in 3 stack of 15 to 3 corners the 4th corner occupied by griff max numbers, swords in one stack max number behind enemy hero so can reach enemy in first move.monks also max number in first row as you see the battlescreen in position that can hit with melee if is necessary.
Escort on griff is a must in this strategy, in all ambushes enemy go 4 xbow and you have the opportunity to clear the battle w swords and monks,griff clear the low level unit w umlimited retal and escort.
With this settle and strategy i won 80-90% of caravans, except when i ambush big amount of 5-6 tier.

Check out some of my old battles. I started thieving at level 8 and I found that by splitting ur crossbows into four stacks and placing them on the corners and along the sides of the field, you can distract the enemies and have them attack your bows while you clean house with your other units. This also works wonders against the lightning blasts of the wizard and de caravans ;)
#10, 11

Did you use this strategy for both PVE and PVP?
This formation is used mostly for caravans, when you ambush players you must is a bit different and there is not specific strategy, it depence on how many arts wear the pl, his/her faction ,etc.Usally when you ambush pl is much more easier. Try to reach TGI lvl4 before you go lvl 9 ,caravans became very hard.
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