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Necromancer faction topic


AuthorNecromancer faction topic
Would be better to ask this in elf thread, but in lvl 5 it is quite hard, if the nec has sufficient faction skill, it will go better once you get efk.
how do you recruit more skeletons from the reserve...is it determined by the faction level or by the number of skeletons I have in reserve? Right now I have close to 70 and I can only recruit 12...asking for when I upgrade them to bowmen, because I want to take as many as possible when needed :D
depend on faction level
but of course you need to have enough reserve to recruit.
is it worth it for mass poison?
cause single poison isn't even that great at high levels.
it deals like 16 +4per spell level. It doesn't last long unless you have high talent and damage is pretty bad. at lvl 8, everybody deals a couple hundred dmg, so i don't see how maybe 28 dmg for 3 rounds is gonna do anything... and if you use mass it takes twice as much mana. it doesn't seem worth it...
for dragonfire911:
The difference is how you play. If your army doesn't need raising and you have enough mana, doing a poison or a mass poison is better than your hero just slashing for about 15-20 points.

It's good for ambushes (Ambush victim is packed together in the centre) and for those factions that have lots of people packed around their shooters (which you cannot get to fast enough)

Just think of it as a better alternative to just a normal hero attack. Whether it is worth it depends on you, though many people rather not use up so much just for the mass poison and go all out Might-necro.
mass poison is meant for 3vs3 pvp, it needs best arts, but if you use it to its maximum potential, you can easily become the most devastating player on the field.

In lvl 7 i dealt 84 poison over 3 round. Even if you can only get it on 2 or 3 stacks per cast, thats more than enough. You have to keep in mind that your troops must survive as long as possible though. So bringing max bowman, max zombies instead of ghosts is a good idea.
How much spell power would mass poison need to be effective? I think i will later on make a might build but with a little bit of magic mixed in.
as much as you can afford. As Ranor already mentioned, mass poison is meant to be used in mass PvP. The main disadvantage is that you need twice as much arts (might for hunt/quests/normal PvP and magic for 3vs3 PvP). If you join random PvP, you pray your opponents won't be necros or barbarians :)
Generally, Might oriented necro is more common and IMHO also better in overal. Poisoner might surprise your opponents, especially DE with morale build.
Poison build is nothing you can do half way. It is expensive (max magic arts) and only for specific purpose 3vs3 PvP and even then you have to pray that not to many barbs or wiz or even nec are in oposing team. Althoughyou can still punch the magic restitant and imune foes it's simply not as good as might (in that case)

On the up side, it was the most funny time I have yet had in this game. You won't belief how fast you can reduce elves for example to nothing but a stack fk and as mentioned above the higher the ini of a creature (and/ or moral), the faster it will get the damage.

Most of the time the opponents concentrate on your allies, since you don't move a shred forward, except if the enemy come into your range. In these cases and if the enemys consist of only living troops you will be the main killing force on the field (maybe as good as your both companions together)
84 damage in lvl 7 was not correct. I've gone poison build in lvl 8 because of the magic arts then available. As talents I choose basic erudition, basic darkness and dominion of pain. Together with arts I got 14 spellpower and 7 knowledge giving me 72 poison damage per round.

Here is a good example how well it can go
Hi, I'm wondering what build others would suggest for a lvl 7 necro?
Currently I'm using 6 knowledge, with Intelligence, and 2 spellpower and I am a full out raising necro, but I been having trouble recently in group battles so I'm curious to see if there are any other builds that would be better?
I'm level 6 necro and I have chosen basic and advanced dark magic.
It says that i can learn 4 new darkness magic spells but where can I learn them??

another question... If I want to reset my talents. do I get all talent points back?

for Perso:
if u reset ur talents u get the points back for now and the 4 spells u will not learn that means if u build magic guild level 4 at level 10 or 12 i think then you need that talent also or u cant cast those spells
In lvl 7 I used 7 knowledge and 1 Spellpower together with basic nature and dominion of life. If I rememeber correctly dominion of life gives 4 additional sp for nature spells instaed of 3 as mentioned in the description.

Thus you have 5 sp for nature giving you a magic punch of 50 dmg (e.g. 5 elven bowman) and a raise dead of 221 (e.g. 55 bowman or 8 vamps)

You should always go for full art battles, because less arts always favors other factions.

I found a setup of 3x50 bowman very usefull in pvp, because it gives you more chances to move before elven bowman and also luck is distributed more evenly.
does anyone manage beat caravans at level 11 as necros, especially the demons and wizzard ones?
Fighting caravans as necro at lvl 11 is too hard without A GOOD AMMOUNT of enchanted arts!

I keep playing them with min ap from beggining of lvl 11...
thanks for reply, seems the only options available are to get 80%+ craft or switching do DE at this stage...
what i the best talent combo for me in lvl 7
basic nature + dominition of life
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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