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Elf Faction Topic Update


AuthorElf Faction Topic Update
well if u r hunting u can follow Abyss_XenoEvan's tip
but if u r group battling and dueling . use forest keepers or elite forest keepers .. elven bowmens can stay at around 13-18
i agree with im a noob
for Anmol:Only use sprites when needed. If you take sprites to kill some lizard cubs, your dead. Fks are good against low hp/damage creature. when encounter titans, get some sprites.
summary to post 23

when meet shrews and those creatures who has high initiative or low hp use forest keepers
the creatures has unlimited retaliation or low initiative use SPRITES
Hey Can anybody aid me ---
i have just reached level 7 !!!
i was doing theifing at level 6 and had got quite good at it !!!!
but when i reached level 7 the caravans became real hard and it wa impossible to kill them !!
advice me as to what troop combination should i have and what talent should i keep ( no efks :( )
for hotbeastank1: RALLY .. :)

Max FKS, Sprites, then bowmen and protect with Druids .. ^^
iz 2 luck much better !!! and with trial and error ( and the many combats at level 6 ) i know always when luck will strike !!!!
and y fk .... i thought bows were the best ( though i keep 23 fks )
the point iz that fks do less damage !!!
for aRU:


me full arts, him full arts + enchants + miniarts. even without enchants, those miniarts make the wizards' troops to cease being some weaklings.

for hotbeastank1:

i don't know as ambusher, but i know as ambushed and i can tell you that i used 2 luck.
for all:

rally can be useful in 2 conditions:
1. hunting slow troops but many (and using full mh set);
2. using arts with enchantment and being more oriented toward the magic and less might.

don't forget: elfs are getting easier luck than moral (needed by rally)! the dark elf has the best usage of rally, not the elf.
for now elven bowmen are useless fight with knight.... why i saying that,,,

u see the quantity of crossbowmen can reach more than 90 ....

that is totally unfair...
whenever i fight in an caravan ambush and take more bows then the hero kills them -


and when i take more fks then they do not get many chances -


i was crushed by their no !!!

max efk, conditioned max sprites (not faeries), max unicorns, 15 archers (or so) and 8 druids. talents are ok. 1 def should go for 1 knowledge (for raise). fav enemy swords (if you are ambushed). it worked for me pretty well at level 8.


cannot help. i had du and i started my tg at level 8. usually, for demon caravan, i leave my archers as bait. for you, maybe it's better to split fk's in 2 stacks with an equal number of fk's in each stack. de caravan without efk is really nasty because of low initiative of fk's.
I have an big question:

"Is possible for an lv 7 elf survive in an ambush?
i think it is
1. don't have an enemy who has diamond troops (except maybe for knight i don't value their crossbows that high if they can't shoot because they are blocked)
2. have enough initiative (until lvl 8 your sprites are the fastest unit (well only griffs have as much ini but since you are elf you get +3%)
3. have enough artifacts (since your artifacts don't lose durability if you are ambushed by other player you may use your best set while travelling)
4. make shure the enemies' shooter won't shoot at first turn/your shooter can shoot and shoot before they do
5. get battle fury talent (luck is no big help; with advanced luck your troops deal about 20% more damage (and it's not relyable), with battle fury your sprites deal 50% more damage (+basic attack = 60%!!)
6. get max sprites then forest keeper (they are pretty fast too, can dish out a lot of damage (especially with battle fury which gives them still more than luck would do) and last but not least they have 12 hitpoints and won't die that fast. Also your enemy will have to choose between Sprites and forest keeper
7. i tended to split up Sprites (except against knight who will kill them easily with escort talent) into 2 equal stacks

with this setup you will:
a) deal enough damage (sprites/fk with battle fury)
b) usually strike before the enemy does (high ini sprites/fk)
and therefore
c) offer 4 dangerous stacks to the enemy (remaining bowmen are still dangerous!) with 2 stacks of sprites (after you already hopefully killed a lot of his troops)

the more you kill the less his remaining troops can kill!
so i was always going for the first turn with high ini and striking first (and therefore put all points into attack)
it also is really useful against magic-based wizards/DE since it's all about killing his troops before he kills you

against knights there are some special things to consider:
a) be careful to have more ini than griffs (and if not it doesn't matter, just split up some 1-sprite-stacks to cover the others from being attacked at first turn by griffs, i have never seen a player on level 7 who has splitted up his griffs (it would decrease the unlimited retal effect) and stroke with at least 2 stacks before elf could)
and as mentioned before don't split up sprites (2 stacks will die double as fast as 1 when attacking the huge swordsmen-stack with escort on it)

i think if you follow those advices you can show them off (don't forget to wear good artifacts when travelling since being ambushed won't damage them!)
3. have enough artifacts (since your artifacts don't lose durability if you are ambushed by other player you may use your best set while travelling)

Wrong, they DO lose durability.
for yinYang: and see the inits, damages and attack of them .. compare them .. and u will see that Elvens are better .. :) add the fav enemies too .. :)
3. have enough artifacts (since your artifacts don't lose durability if you are ambushed by other player you may use your best set while travelling)

Wrong, they DO lose durability.

i'm sorry for spreading false information (i really believed it, now i don't know what to believe. Maybe i'm just stupid)
anyway, if it really decreases your durability i would advice go for Sword of Might
even if it gives you 8 AP where only 7 are needed it doesn't cost much Gold/Battle and has excellent stats (serves the first-strike-strategy)
and you can wear it even on lvl 7
and for hunt i would go for it as well
just hope your opponent doesn't have full armor/enchantments/more ini :)
if it really decreases your durability

there is no if!

i would advice go for Sword of Might

too expensive and it gives only attack and initiative (not enough for fk's to be the first; efk's are fast enough). better: medal of bravery + defender shield + reprisal sword (best ratio cost/qualities).

even if it gives you 8 AP where only 7 are needed

at combat level 7, AP: 8 is required (excepting when you are ambushed and brigands).

if you have someone to escort you, then minimum ap is recommended, otherwise, it's a waste of arts (chances to get somebody on your level to travel on the same route are practically null). if you don't have anybody to escort you, you have 2 options: full arts + full troops or 0 arts + 0 troops (or 1 sprite/faerie)

sorry, Van_GM, but i was hunting thieves at level 7 alone (having efk's) and with my gf (not that now anything changed, but that's our secret, ok? ;) ).
hunts and mg let u hav critcal hit for all creature so + luck would be good in those
hunts and mg let u hav critcal hit for all creature

for hunts - yes; for mg - only those you chose (not for all!)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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