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Elf Faction Topic Update


AuthorElf Faction Topic Update
battle fury
Hey what is a good stratgey for LV2 elves because I helping a frined out
Strategy in which kind of combat? Pvp (duel or group combat), pvm (hunting)...

In duel and group combat, I would suggest maximum forest keepers, while in hunts it depends on the hunt.
for #160

what is the best talent set for lvl 9 ?
I use Expert Fortune + Basic Defense and I am okay with that. Still, if you hunt magic monsters, it's better to use Rally (I switch to Rally for hunting magi, for example).
what about battle furry and advance offense ?
for hako:
a lot depends on your own *taste*
some people do use b.fury (with sprites), others (like me) always prefer luck :-)
Just try various builds and see if you like them.
Battle fury+innate swiftness : auto death
Hey what is a good stratgey for LV2 elves because I helping a frined out
Make as many groups of 1 fk as you possible can to take retail for the big stack of fk.
The centre skill for the Elves "Rain of Arrows". Is it worth getting and how do I activate it (In a battle)?
You will have it in your book of spells. You set your favorite enemy in your Avengers' Guild from your castle and in the combat, by choosing that spell, your hero will start to automatically all the opposing troops which are set as favorite enemies. The damage is also increased comparing with the basic hero damage.
Need Help!!!!!!
I am about to increase my hunter guild level (4.2 more needed). I am also about to increase my MG level to 2.Any idea where I should put my MG primary parameter? I am thinking knowledge for level 8 total knowledge 3.

Elf Opinion Needed.
i think there is no need to add to your spell power . i had 2 knowledge and 0 spell power it was good enough .

i think you'd better go for attack :)
I am a knight but I have a question about elves:

I have been watching elf battles lately and I see elves raising dead forest keepers and bowmen. How do elves do this I thought raise dead was Necromancer only?
Raise it belongs to Nature magic and to magic level 2. From combat level 8, Elf can build mage guild level 2 which provides raise.

Which best for an elf-mage? Knowledge or Spell Power?
for Tymoriel:
Forget about it until you have treefolks at least :-)
And at lvl 10+ you'll need 20+ mana for phantom (if you want to go hunting)
Other than these, no reasons even to think about "elf-mage".
Just if you're interested, you can always put on a hat and a cloak and increase your knowledge/spellpower
I disagree Lasygreg

Elf mage are fun :) that's not efficient ( except maybe in hunt with sprites) but that's fun :)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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