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Elf Faction Topic Update


AuthorElf Faction Topic Update
actually trying out different talents and strategies is a better way to find out what suits u most i think. - that's what i'm doing now and i found chastise with advanced holy magic pretty reasonable (https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=482508834&lt=-1 with arts from combat level 9). :)

btw, how did you manage in hunts without any magic? i mean, in many hunts 1 phantom is quite a help.

thx a lot for your feedback! :)
at lvl11:
elves weak at amushes and pvp. probably one of the worst if not worst factions.

Sad, but true! Very, very true.
There has ben some balancing on .ru (+2 treefolks, +2 uni, +some other troops al lvl 11) but not here...

As for PvP: I haven't done PvP since level6... Elves simply don't stand a chance in duel with any other faction. And in group battles you die before you can hit anything. The only way you can be useful in group combats is as a supportive player (mass spells on your allies) and some tactical moves with treefolk. But you don't do much damage, so you the exp/fsp you get will be very low even in case your team wins.
i did use phantoms only for hunts but not other magic.

p.s. anchorites are much much better than people expect so i guess u can really look forward to getting them :)
#282: I disagree. Until level 9 (including) I was able to have pretty nice pvp's (excepting duels at level 6 against the barbarians who didn't have wolves). I started level 10 with a very disappointing experience because I used 4 knowledge (which is waste of primary parameters in pvp's). I am trying now to find a better strategy at my level. Who knows, maybe I am lucky. :)

#283: I really look forward to have them. :)
I changed to elf cause I saw this realy cool strategy where some one kill the other one before they could move...

and necro was way to slow for me... but it did teach me something about patience...

so now I changed to elf so I could have lot's of speed and initiative...
bump to keep this thread alive (no need for a new one) :)
can some body give me an example of a lvl6 thief
287 You rely on sprites and it's lucky that lv 6 caravans are easy. If you get EFK you will really own. I suggest only doing thieving once you got EFK so for most that means lv8.

I enjoy mass rapid + mass chastise; all of a sudden the enemy... disappears esp if you get a lucky or two ^^
#288: That is if you are level 10 or above because of the Magic Guild level 3 (for chastise). Anyway, that is a good choice and I agree with you.
I am a magic elf (lvl 7) with 3 spell power and 2 knowledge.
Is that enough or should I change spell power to 2 and the other to attack/defense?
Until level 12, Elf is recommended to be might and not magic because of its low defense. My recommendation would be to keep only 1 knowledge and the rest to put in attack.
But I feel for me elf is better at magic.
Look at this battle (connection problem so AFKed)


I used magic punch effectively I think.
Your hero is hitting once per turn, while your troops are benefiting from your hero attack more than once per turn. In Elf against Elf duel, the first Elf who shoots gets an advantage over the other. On the other hand, you saw how minos do their damage on fk's and you cannot do anything about that even if you put all your points in defense. My point here is that Elf is made to attack before being attacked, but for that you need to have good attack in order to do real damage on your opponent.

Maybe I am wrong, but that was my strategy and I wasn't able to play magic Elf by now. Still, I don't deny that maybe others can be successfully by using magic Elf.

Good luck!

PS: If you want to play magic, then the best strategy is to set your points on defense for you to be able to resist as long as possible (that is the general strategy for magic).
hi all
i have a question
iam elf thief and i need help
i want to know did i have to change anything of my talent or recurit i want to know how i put the troop and talent point what the art is best for me and how should i put troop on battlemap
I took a look in your combat log (I hope you don't mind) because I wasn't thief at combat level 6, and I have few remarks if I may:
1. sprites are good for attack, but they definitely lack the defense;
2. the Knight strategy is based on enraging the swordsmen by letting the opponent to kill small stacks of troops;
3. you don't focus on the main troops.

My recommendation would be:
1. use max fk and conditioned max sprites and use 2 stacks of druids to set stoneskin on them;
2. focus on the main troops (block archers and attack firstly swordsmen, vampires etc.);
3. use chain helmet and hauberk (you gain +3 defense).

Well, maybe a combat level 6 thief would give you better pieces of advice.

Good luck!

i know elf is awesome thief with EFK

but is it possible to reach TG-lvl4 on level 8 with full arts?
for Atheros:

why not ? im aiming to reach lvl 4 before going to lvl 10 and face a 20% stronger caravans ;)
for Atheros:

why not ? im aiming to reach lvl 4 before going to lvl 10 and face a 20% stronger caravans ;)

ummm... but you are doing tg as a DE

i'm lvl2 in TG
if i change to elf,its possible to reach lvl4 only in combat level 8?
It is possible, but pretty hard without being full arted. It seems that the caravans are harder for Elf than for Dark Elf.
thanks CGSMCMLXXV & hako

i try out
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