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Elf Faction Topic Update


AuthorElf Faction Topic Update
How many forest keepers can it raise so far? Just wanna know.
for ipslne & Van_GM:

Sorry for my delay in answering you, but my time became limited in this game now.

I still have to disagree in how much knowledge though. A Magic Elf with 40 Mana can only create two phantoms and then cast no more. This doesn't do their lack of attack justice. Their attack power is reliant on Mana, in a very different way than Wizards.

The maximum increase in attack is +12 (at Expert Holy Magic) and that after the first turn. Fight Barbarian and after the first turn you will not survive but with slow troops or very few from the fast or useful ones. Also, +12 attack will not compensate a full arts combat. I don't ask to believe me, just try it.

Btw, the effect of the holy spell is not cumulative, as far as I noticed. If you can prove it otherwise, please, I am willing to learn about.

GMB are the key attackers for a Magic Elf. Summoning a Phantom stack of 2 Sprites as blockers can buy your GMB and Phantom GMB anywhere from 1 to 3 more turns.

That's very useful in hunts. Total disaster in GB's (group battles). Just in case you didn't notice, the first aimed troops are the GMB's. If you move EFK's forward, they become the next target. So, on what will you put phantom? Not to mention that mainly you need to compensate for the lack of attack due to points transfer from attack to knowledge and spell power (so, when will you cast phantom?).

The battle below, I was ambushed by a Dark Elf on the rare occaision when I forget to remove my arts before traveling. Despite the DE making quite a few poor decisions, this is still a good example of the advantage the larger stage gives you against the Shrews.

DE was the most affected faction by the new battlefield in ambushes because of its lack of archers. Try the same with any other faction and let me know about the result.

At combat level 9 or 10, I remember a DE whose single damage was done by the hero. Otherwise, DE was dead before moving. Can 1 ambush (especially poorly played by your opponent) dictate the rule? Can 1 ambush give any hint about GB's? No. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to be arrogant here. Just pointing some of my 2 cents opinions.

But still i find it interesting that contrary to CGSMCMLXXV's opinion double phantom really has payed off (therefore 4 KN was NOT too much for pvp

How many examples do you want me to give you to prove my opinion? I have quite a few and not only from my GB's. Knowledge +4 should be accompanied by spell power +4 and to start supporting your team mate (yes, singular, because knowledge +4 is too less for 3vs3). Or even better, try it yourself. ;)

therefore i always ambush with about max efk, then sprites, then unicorns, then bowmen and at last druids :)

Agree. Still, I usually give up 1 or 2 GMB's to get an extra druid/anchorite (better HP).

I hope I haven't offended anyone with my ton. It's just too late for me to express myself otherwise than bluntly. Actually, please, I would like to be proven wrong. I am human after all. ;)
Actually, please, I would like to be proven wrong. I am human after all. ;)
how can i prove you wrong if the only thing you say about my statement is that you agree? ;)

i think in ambushes up to 2 KN should be more than enough, even with phantom. Usually most troops don't live long enough to see 3 turns so the second phantom goes to waste anyway. Also i don't know how it really works if the targeted stack is surrounded by other stacks (does it work in this case at all?) and the phantom stack will most likely be killed the instant it is created (since killing a big stack by dealing 1hp damage to it results in the very best damage done/troops killed output, therefore the enemy will go for it for sure. So i only see a point in using phantom on efk/sprites (who have the chance of getting their turn before the enemy kills them and also are my main damage output).
Of course all of this is from the ambushin point of view, in group battles it might be nasty but after all a great waste of mana and in hunts one of the best weapons elves have (since no SP is needed and every monster has it's weakness. Doubling the number of your units that can exploit the monster's weakness can really do the job).
There have no best setup. Everyone have their way to play :)

For me, i like 3 KN as an lv12 elven.

At hunt, i can get mana from anchorites to summon phatom 2 time. (I do this before faction balanced) U can alway adjust the amount of anchorites to get 36 mana or more.

About Summon phatom at ambush, it work pretty good vs some faction and worse vs some faction. but i never try after TG map changed.

Happy gaming :D
in lvl I should take which talent?basic fortune or rain of arrows
lvl 5 sry
in lvl 5 should take which talent?basic fortune or rain of arrows

depends on you playstyle
i never was a huge fan of Rain of Arrows, especially vs Ghosts at hunt it can be really nasty
in Duels it isn't that useful imo as well, in Group battles it really can dish out a lot of damage (especially since in Group battles your bowmen should be dead after the first turn anyway, so luck won't help them)
and of course it depends on the chosen favourite enemy
but i honestly prefered luck (since i didn't do any group battles) or morale (morales isn't that useful for your bowmen but very useful for any kind of melee unit and spellcaster (druids). Not that useful in hunts vs easy-to-block-monster though since with luck your archer do more damage/shot and shots are limited.)
we both went in min arts
of course i had the bonus of his shrews not being able to attack my efk at the first turn but on the other side he had the bonus of his shrews moving first although i had more initiative (and then i used wasp swarm anyway to prevent him using delay on my efk for his shrews moving before my efk do)
and considering the big amount of units that remained on my side it really was a clearly one-sided match :)
of course i had the bonus of his shrews not being able to attack my efk at the first turn
can somebody pls explain this?
for soham_banerjee:
it was an ambush, because of the new larger map the shrews were unable to reach Van_GM's efks.
for soham_banerjee:
Cause the placing of the shrew cannot reach efk at first turn. It still possible to reach his efk with shrew if DE place shrew at the right place.

Shrew initiative is lower than EFK, cause the DE just have lv.1 Faction Level.
what talent should i have?im lvl 6 elf
reply to post 592
if i were u i will use advance fortune during level 6 i also use this talent
many elf of lvl 6 use basic fortune and Rain.
How about that?(for GB and for Hunt)
#594 - Almost always forture, much better apart from some quest and pvp.

Rain of arrow's useful in some hunts when your hero gets more turns. Use it well, it can be deadly in some case.
When am on hunt I use advanced fortune
when am in a battle and opponent is dark elf or wiz, I use basic fortune and resistance...

I got a problem with initiative. Can anyone suggest most economical way to get a modest initiative?
You slightly over-pvp.. if you raise your elf fraction level a bit, you get more initiative. Eg mine is slightly lower than other elves my level because I changed fraction before. They always get turns before me =(

Use swords with initiative plus. There are hunter equips giving initiative, but you got to calculate their price versus efficiency for it. High initiative plus rings are expensive.

Looks like there are levels there to pay attention at or to keep track with.. They help bits in pieces.
I want specific suggestion...
I don't have so much of brain to calculate so much :D
Anyone wishing to hunt with hunter sets?
If you are level 9 or more use battle fury and basic fortune or just battle fury. This way your sprites will deal 100%+10% (hunter set bonus+battle fury+basic offense). Correct me if wrong.
#598 - really you need to be the one who figure out, since the price for the hunter equipments are going to change as a given fact, and your level changes when you fight more.

But for summary, I can give you one - Take any swords with high initiative that you can wear at the max level, with initiative plus. Eg you are lv.6 so take the equilibrium blade, then at lv.7 you take sword of might. That shouldn't be very off.
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