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Elf Faction Topic Update


AuthorElf Faction Topic Update
anyone knws wad to use for level 10 elf talent
what trops shuld I use for ambush

Lower amount of bowmen to around 10-15, Some sprites, max efk

anyone knws wad to use for level 10 elf talent

If you summon phanton you need basic nature magic. This leaves you with expert forture to choose at. Basic holy magic needed for chastise taking points from forture talent.

Ambushing - stick with rally's better.
Blind.. Rocks
Sorry wrong topic, ignore above xD
U should chose rally because u already have enough luck.

Ox 2009

Sion [11] - 1643
cantbstopped [11] - 972
Ghasteater [11] - 748
digito [11] - 748
Stargazer [11] - 748
Ox 2009

lobsterkid [Elf] [13] - 1663
tom82 [Elf] [13] - 1663
Sion [Elf] [11] - 1643
Uliss [Elf] [12] - 1530
Geryon [Elf] [12] - 1177

for MiAlso:
O_o lol Thx for information =))
lobsterkid - 1663
Surim - 1663
Uliss - 1530
hmmm... why Uliss?
nah at lvl 10 wizards are really easy to kill
couse u can get 40% magic resist from talents + another 30% magic resist if u have full arts with archane clock
so 70& magic resist^^
for KnightSlayer:
not 70%...
There is more difficult formula.
for hako and vengeful:

you are right!!!
i've done sooooo many duel and won almost all the time (90%++)
thx for your advice ^^
talents 4 a lvl 8?
for Darkclaws:
25 points =/
for Darkclaws:
Expert Luck)
What a nice game!!

Christmas Ox 2009 hunt record for L9 (349)
duel elf lv6 is undefeated!!!even against magic de using wand 2010^^

This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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