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Which one is better for GB at level 10+, Barb or Demon?


AuthorWhich one is better for GB at level 10+, Barb or Demon?
After saving gold for months, maybe more than 3 months, finally I raise enough gold to switch faction.
Since I am a GB lover, I choose a faction that I like and give better performance for GB. My choice is between Barb and Demon.
Since switching faction is extremely expensive, I don't want to make a wrong decision.

I need advice for this, especially from high level players which play a lot of GB.

Which one is better for GB? Barb of Demon?

In my own opinion, barb is more balance, barb can do pretty well fight against all faction. Demon is weak when have to fight against particular faction.
The problem is I prefer Demon because of their unique gating ability. I think Demon is the coolest faction.

So, what is your advice?
I think barbar,u have splash dmg with hero,good shooting troops-chief orcs with knocking shot,mass of wolves,and when u havent big faction skill of demons,your numbar of gated creatures is very small,so i advise the barbar
Demon is weak when have to fight against particular faction.

Against what faction exactly?
3: Well, before level 12, if they are not using succubi (which they don't usually, because it is weaker than incend, any DE will destroy them, especially one without tactics, where hell horses cannot charge. However, barbs are pretty crappy against DE too, with two large, key stacks. At least they get shooters though.
Well said by Xerfer :)
@4: Barbs are crappy against DE? I won't say so. Once shrews are shooted down by orc chiefs (normally in orc's first turn), DE have a really big problem.

In my opinion demons and barbs are the strongest factions in higher level GB, though a well played demon is more dangerous as far I can say (At least I had huge problems playing against demons so far). Wolfs are really deadly, but they have to be in right position. Before this cerberi (in my opinion the best troops of demons) can destroy a lot.

It's really hard to say, which faction is better. Just watch a few gb's and choose the faction that fits best to your playing style. If you already like demon, you won't make a big mistake if you choose it.

Another thought that came to my mind: Building faction skill is easier with demon, because hunts and ambushes are easier. And without a good faction skill you won't win much with both factions.
Mainly I agree with LordSchniesel. Even at low levels, the big number of demons/incendiaries can be a problem for the other factions. Both factions, Barbarian and Demon, are good. With barbarian it's simpler because all its strategy is based on hit first which can be an advantage and a disadvantage in the same time (in group battles you have to team up with your mates, but if they cannot keep up with your charge, you will end up alone against 3 adversaries, for example). Instead, the demon can have a problem with gating when they play against high initiative factions (in group battle, that won't affect too much because there are 10-12 squares to be passed before the enemy is able to reach you, but in thieving that can be a problem).
but in thieving that can be a problem

I am beggining to understand demons are great thiefs and even better ambush survivors. Even with faction level 0 and with many of my demon playing flaws I aws able to survive few ambushes quite well.

Well maybe not in the best case scenario, but usually shrews get luck. And that means that wolves are gone, rocs are gone. And 7-8 ogres too if you only have 4 rocs. So, good luck using only orcs and cyclops to kill all those lizards and hydras and minotuars.
in general situation, demon is overall better than other faction at higher lv :) but again, read carefully, it is just overall better, not the best :)
I think you should pick demon because cerebri and one of the best troops on the game with 8 speed and spray attack and they do alot of damage. Also hell horses have very high initative. I decided to pick demon instead of barbarian level 8 and now i love them :)
for SpecialOne:
The problem is I prefer Demon because of their unique gating ability. I think Demon is the coolest faction.

Then what's the problem?
If you like it, go and pick it, regardless to what others say :-)

The big plus is that demon is very good for thief ambushes, and tactics there is kinda similar to elves' .
demon isn't that great at thief ambush- they aren't good at surviving.
Well played wizard knight even barbarian can defeat demon and of coz well played DE can cripple demon before he even moves. All in all its not so easy to say demon or barbarian is best. Both demon and barbarian need high faction skill to be real deadly in GB. :)
for LazyGreg:
Because if Demon is sucks in GB then I waste my 350.000 gold.
I'd say : become Demon ! :)
DE can cripple demon before he even moves
its just a roulette table between horses and shrews :)

but isnt mistress pawned shrews easily on 12?
no becoz every good DE has tactics and can reach mistress easily also if ur mistress survive u cant kill all groups of shrews with just 1 hit of mistress while 1 shrew + liz cav can do massive damage if used properly :)

Mistress and cave demons, block with a spawn or something. shrews can't reach mistresses... lol
19 well DE usualy has 4 stacks of shrews 1 stack kills spawn other 1 hits mistress its too easy and he still has 2 stacks to kill something else :D
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