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DE faction topic


AuthorDE faction topic
In this topic, members of the faction are asked to discuss everything, that concerns THIS faction: skills, stats, tactics etc.

Other similar topics will be closed.

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hey, how do i separate my troops in tgi?

for Darkclaws:
Few tips of placing troops in ambush from omega22.
for Darkclaws:
I watched a few of your ambushes and I think we should go back to the drawing board.
Some basic rules of playing DE:
1. Protect Shrews.
2. Move as many squares with liz to maximize damage. Look up lizard charge in about the game if you don't even know what that is.
3. Split troops. Should have troops in all 4 coners to maximize effect. What it does it when one stack of your main troops is eliminated the oppositions that went for them will now need time before they can reach you.

Some faulty strategies you are using:
1. Unessesary Bandit movements. It helped sometimes, rather they blocked more.

My tips:
1. Place your mino so they can reach the center stacks. Either on the sides or adjacent to bottom shrews.

And last, refer:
ppt's DE thieving guide: http://dragonheroes.ucoz.com/forum/16-87-1
For level 8+, but it is pretty much the same, just leave the hydra slot empty. It is in chinese but an image says more than a hundred words.
What talent should I get for lvl 6?
What talent should I get for lvl 6?

basic offense and battle fury :)
sry let mi rephrase tat, mage de talents for lvl 6
for level6 mage DE: basic offense, battle fury :p
you must deal some damages with your units, you can't kill all with hero like wizards.
ok now i lvled up what shud i add with my extra point
my stats with full arts r 4 atk, 8 def, 6 sp, 3 kn
spell power
the 6 sp is achieved by erudition so if i reset to basic offense n battle fury. i will still haf 6 sp
sry for the double post but i want to know whether or not TG is posibble at tiz lvl (i'm considering using 80 euros)
I did my first 2 level of TG at CL 6 with shrews
sorry for double post ... but I think that for thieving is better MIGHT DE + shrews ... mage DE is nice in PvP ...
too bad 125 euros is way too much for my budget
but don't buy the invitation ... rent it ... and then buy shrews that are A LOT MORE advantageous
why is it that dark elf has the smallest army compared to other factions?
DE units are usually better and have higher HP
i guess thieving with magic DE is good too, just need fireball for that
yea thats what im doing...ohhh that square full of units...oh its craving for fire
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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