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Suppy/Demand Elements .


AuthorSuppy/Demand Elements .
Hm, i am not finished economist ( still studying ), but higher need never goes to price drop down. Just simple, higher need produces higher demand which leads to higher prices. ( more quests..means just more options not higher gain %. Still have to do A LOT of QUESTS to get 720 elements ).
But you guys do not see the basic point , as more elements will be requred and more quests will be introduced , prices will drop down .

I think it's you who doesn't get the point. Until now, I was able to get 2 4*10% and a 4*9% weapon with buying _very_ few elements. I earned at least 90% of those elements myself. The new change makes this impossible, it will force players to buy elements, so prices won't drop substantially, and total cost of enchanting will be greatly elevated.
You mean more elements will be acquired?
Yeah, I believe the ones given out at the beginning of MG level, say, toadstool, will be lower. They are not terribly high now, either. But for those you can only get after MG 4, it would be still hard to get. Also how many new MG tasks there would be? Will it double the number?
I see this as -- for now, if you want a 4x10%, you save up the gold and elements; you do it and you're done with it, no more lust in a long time. But after the change, you'll never get there... this is a moon-in-the-water. Chase it or not?
I was thinking of getting Enchanted Weapons, but now, forget it.
As a smith, all my money goes down the drain for repairs, since people will be buying more elements for enchanting, you can bet no one will ever wanna pay for repair again. And the only arts that was worth repairing was the Enchated ones.

How to make gold leave the game, easy pansy, make those kind of new update. Economy will suffer greatly from that, again.
How to make gold leave the game, easy pansy, make those kind of new update. Economy will suffer greatly from that, again.

No, everyone will be happy! What we badly need is another wave of high level players leave the game! How can we reach that goal? I got it! Just mess up enchantments and ambushes! Yay, we rock!
For gem65:
will you stop being so sarcastily optimistic ? You do not appreciate the fact that the admins are trying to do something for us , and its not all about enchanting. Anyway i did not create this thread to hear your whinings so plz create another thread for it.

For dan-panic:
The sun doth shine from the cloudy sky
You do not appreciate the fact that the admins are trying to do something for us

Believe me, I'm really appreciating it. But remember, sometimes less is more.
I might not see the big picture, but how are the new players supposed to keep up with old players? Or even have a chance to compete on the same ground? Lets suppose I am a new player who reached level 10.

Other players have +2 attack because their hunts didnt grow up. They have about +100% elemental damage, because their enchantments cost 1/3. They have more gold because their wage wasnt lowering while they were losing battles(battles that didnt need arts) and they had two thieves invitations by raising their guild. Feeling slightly frustrated? I dont see how could new artifacts compete with 3x4x10% and not mess the whole balance.

I wonder about this. Wonder and wonder.

Agreed. I had the same thoughts too. I didn't post mine coz I know whatever I said ain't gonna change what's coming.

If I'm a new player and read the forums, I would be really demoralized.

Even if I spend 16 hours a day playing diligently, and power up to say level 10, I know I have no chance in a Duel/GB with no restriction (can also add impending clan wars into this).

- NO way I can even get ONE 4x10% enchanted weapon, and possibly facing a player who joined before the 'reforms' with 3 x 4*10% weapons + 3 x 3*16% armor arts.

- The newer player most likely wouldn't be able to do TG, and thus possibly lose out on the 4-6% Initiative bonus that his opponents have from TG.

I can go on, but seriously, like I said.. no point since it ain't gonna make a diff anyway.

But I do seriously believe some of these new changes will 'force' some low-level players from giving up on the game coz the majority would find it extremely difficult to compete with the older players.

And how are we to increase the numbers playing this great game if there's actually a 'disadvantage' for new members?

I belong to the 'middle-age group' where I missed out on the 'losing-yet-gets-fsp/exp battles', which would have made leveling up in many factions rather easy, but I got most of the other 'benefits' that the pioneer members of this game enjoyed. - Like having 5% bonus initiative from TG, having 5 enchanted arts, etc.

Like what Omega said.. I wonder and wonder..
Simple as it is: Donate :P

for Omega22:

I see your point. But let's see from another direction:
As a new enchanter, what can you do?

- Do merc quests, and spare all your gold for buying fire crystals to level yourself up, until you are level 7 at least in a branch. Then you can hope, that players will use your services, while you give back a part of the gold of what the elements would cost.

When I saw the enchanters guild, I decided to become a jewelcrafter, and hopefully the best. And only this was what I encountered. Gift, Yjfish, and Vitzyas do almost all the enchanting, while no one cares about my services. Most of my 74 points ( about 60 ) is collected from self-enchanting, paying about 2000, lately rather 2500 gold / point. Now I offer my service at 1500 gold back/element, and still, no one requested a single enchant...

If you're a new player, this will hurt you. If players prefer more lower level enchantments, they will use the lower level enchanters' services also, so they can level up from lesser gold.

And about element supply:
Now merc quests become regularly doable at lvl 5.
With the new update, easy quests become available at lvl 3, also reducing the time needed to accomplish them, and the time needed to do it again (keeping repu higher)

Let's assume, that the server remains at least updated as it is now.
Then more players will join the game. Low level players prefer to sell their elements in order to buy artifacts for their level.

Just take a look at this:
number of players of level 5-14: 23592
number of players of level 3-5: 50785

Ok, there are many that are abandoned. But even though this is a consederable difference. And if you also take that into consideration, that the first weapon that is worth to enchant, SoM comes available at lvl 7 then then you find that only 5267 players + enchanters will buy elements from the market. This seems fair to me.

Well, that is my opinion. I wonder what do you think? :)
As a new enchanter, what can you do?

Sorry man, but I don't see a point in becoming an enchanter now. The market is saturated, there are enough top level enchanters. (At least enough enchanters to use up all the available elements / satisfy the demand of customers.)

Now I offer my service at 1500 gold back/element, and still, no one requested a single enchant...

This seems to prove my point too.

Smithing is a much more promising area. The demand for 90% repairs is high, most top smiths have long waiting ques, and average waiting time is slowly but steadily getting longer. Imagine the situation when fight-intensive events actually come...
lets take an example after the search i did in ru and imagine an art that has the same price in ru and com and it wil be I10E10A10W10
1. com
enchanter's payment 30000
10 meteorites * 4800 = 48000
10 toads * 600=6000
10 ices *8550=85550
10 blooms *1200=12000
10 winds *8500=85000
10 venoms *2650=26500
10 moons *14500=145000
10 abrasives *500=5000
total cost 443000+arts price

2. ru
enchanter's payment 20000(but you can also find enchanters with no extra payment there)
30 meteorites*3000=90000
30 toads * 200=6000
30 ices *3600=108000
30 blooms *200=6000
30 winds *4100=123000
30 venoms *450=13500
30 moons *8550=256500
30 abrasives *230=6900
total cost 630000+arts price
the diffirence in prices today is about +144% when the quantity diffirence is 300%
also in ru
fire crystal=3000
tiger claw=3000
so since the only element which will have high price is moonstone and the pair tiger+fire players will make 3*10 and leave I10 or F10 for later

.ru is older = more high lvl ppl = more elements in system ( higher MG lvls got elements more often ). I think this server is not ready for such restriction.

As Omega22 said, this situation will be frustrating to newcomers. I think, it stops ppl reaching high lvls ( and playing this game ).
higher MG lvls got elements more often

continue of post #72:
I never forget the fact that i speak from the side of the strong cause i already have 2 arts with max enchants and i maybe i am mistaken.
But i dont believe that a player with 3 arts 3*10 is so weak vs a player with 3 arts with 4*10 , as i read in many posts .
A burst in morale or a lucky hit makes things even.
Anyway i was thinking of some rules for enchanting and preventing the fact that old school and rich players will not monopolize the max ench arts market as i dont find a way to prevent players from stocking elements.
1.We could have a max limit of enchanted arts.
200% per player is good i believe (bow-dagger-sword all with 40% extra damage which makes us a total of 120% and an extra 80% to use free)
2.Used enchanted arts can be sold back at empire in exchange not only gold but in same as the enchant elements too , in order to use the payback elements to enchand a new art or sell them at market.
continue of post #75:
ex. if max dur of an enchanted art is 80/80 , selling it 79/80 to a 1/75 dur will give you back 50% o fthe elemts you needed to enchant it
x/74 to 1/70 gives you back 45% and so on
Sorry man, but I don't see a point in becoming an enchanter now

me neither, but after this update i do see the point

for arctic:
i have a question about smithing. why not: the more effective repairing - more gold required?

for whiners:
i play on .ru. i am level 8, i don't have anything enchanted there. i don't mind, the game is much more challenging that way.
[Player banned by moderator Kotrin until 2009-11-06 13:05:13 // No name-calling with people you disagree with, warning.]
for whiners:
i play on .ru. i am level 8, i don't have anything enchanted there. i don't mind, the game is much more challenging that way.

Hiya bud,

Ermm.. who are the 'whiners'? :p

level 8?? Of course u don't need any enchanted arts at lvl 8. U only think about enchanting arts >10 onwards, unless u going for some hunting records at lower levels. U a newbie or something? :p
[Player banned by moderator Kotrin until 2009-11-06 13:05:48 // No name-calling with people you disagree with (even if you reply), warning.]
for Kotrin:

what's with banning? i know this is off topic, but no one ever got banned for using terms noob or whiner. and there have been many examples in past. why sudden change of criteria?

for Jedi-Knight:

i know what you mean, but didn't you just say that new players get discouraged? i am new there and it will take a lot more patience and effort to be prepared for level 10, and i wouldn't complain even if i could :P
by May 2008, I know at least 30 real-life friends playing this game.
by Oct 2008, 20 of them are still playing.
after the last unfavorable update, maybe only 5 still in this game.
One problem for this very good and innovative game is it won't evolve.
It just get the golden time passed and never back.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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