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Suppy/Demand Elements .


AuthorSuppy/Demand Elements .
Heya all ,

I just thought that if the ru. rules on enchanting ( enchanting would require thrice more elements ) would be implemented here then it would lead to a fall in the damand of elements . Fall = Fall in prices of elements also . Therefore acc. to me it would be wise to sell all your elements in the market , atleast for those who do not need them for immediate enchant !

Express your views .....
You think that if the elements needed are 3x it drops the demand?? It actually raises the demand of elements 3 times.

Due to your logic, if the rules were changed so we only need 1 element for 10% enchant, prices would skyrocket?

This update I believe cannot be implemented here because it would drain even more elements from the market. Situation on .ru was different. Market full of cheap elements, many players got full enchanted wear.
for Omega22:
If elements are needed 3x then less people would be getting enchantments leading to a fall in demand ! Straight ...
NEEDING MORE of the same thing means LOWERING DEMAND?

Although it could lower the prices after market collapse.
I dont think they will change enchantment rules. Cos in this server only few players have more than one 4x10% enchanted weapon.
Also imagine what will happen when they will create new weapons? New weapons will lead to new enchantment needs for high lvl players and price will still rise...
I think the supply damand relation you have to look at first is not cash - elements, but elements - enchantment. If you get less enchantment for the same amount of element the demand for enchantments will drop, but I'm not sure whether this drop is so sharp that it will result in a drop of element demand.
So far, the enchantment rule change on .ru had very little effect on market price. Seems there are as many people seeking more Elements for their enchantments than people forgetting about having enchanted items and getting rid of their stock.
for Omega22:

as logical as you sound, in practice you're apparently wrong - elements are cheaper on .ru than before, but not much cheaper.

still my advice for all would be not to sell, but to use the elements for enchanting :)
still my advice for all would be not to sell, but to use the elements for enchanting

Costs lots of gold , or something like that ;P
for Omega22:
Needing more ? I thought i mentioned that less people would enchant after it would cost them thrice the gold ? o.O

Or those casual ones wanting an enchant will think twice before it ( or maybe thrice :P )
If the elements "power" goes down, because for the same element price you can only get 1/3 of enchant, people might reconsider putting the gold into them. But anyway, the situation on .ru is much different from ours and I dont think it would affect the prices on this server in any good way.
At the current market rate, it takes 400,000 gold (yes, almost 1/2 MILLION gold) to do 1 4x10% weapon enchant. If the new enchanting rule follows .ru, it's gonna take 1.2 MILLION to do 1 4x10% enchant.

Yes, we do get elements from doing quests and all, but we ain't gonna get nowhere near 30 x 8 elements for a max weapon enchant.

Given the above scenario, chances are, very very few can afford to do enchanting anymore, and in the long run, prices of elements will most likely fall.
Similarly, less players will demand enchants and element prices should fall dramatically.. That's my guess.
I think we can only wait and see because it's really up to people to see if they would want the enchantments and who doesn't.

Let's put it this way:

The supply of elements does not change. We can assume people doing MG quests don't suddenly increase.

If the requirement for elements for enchantments increase 3 times, that means what could previously supply 3 people now only supplies one

If of every 3 people previously wanting enchantments, 2 give up due to the change, then the prices would drop as there would be enough elements on the market if supply is stationary. So no significant fighting for elements amongst those that are left

But if 2 of every 3 people still want enchantments despite the change, then there would be a higher demand for elements that supply, definitely higher than before the change. In this case prices will increase since the supply would now be half the demand.

On ru, the number of people not getting enchantments after the change has dropped to about between 1 and 1.5 (say 1.4)for every 3 previous persons, bringing prices only slighly down.

What the situation is on COM is yet to be seen.
Actually, we are speaking about an update that is not even hinted in Imperial Reformation thread. My guess is simply that at the moment Administrators have no plans to change Enchantment rules.
If the amount are needed 3x, just like omega22 said, the demand for elements will increase 3x while the supply is still the same. But there's a thing call price ceiling and affordability, less people would enchant and will lead to the fall of element price then it'll find its new equilibrium.
He means get 3x the chance to get elements i guess....this wud b better
.ru have more online->more elements->cheaped elements=)
all easy=)
For dmitriyns:

true but the prices have fallen there also after the enchantment rule.
.ru have there many players with MG >= 4. / 2 elements for win in task./ and there many players make MG
=> small price for elements on market.
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