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New enchanting, first thoughts after the update


AuthorNew enchanting, first thoughts after the update
A clanny asked me today how much would it cost him to upgrade his existing weapon of 8x8x8x10 to a full 4x10. I didn't know what to answer right away, so I checked my empty workbench to get the answer.

So today it costs 19 of each element to do 8% of extra damage by enchanting. The price for the 10% is 30 of each element. So to upgrade from 8 to 10 would cost 11 elements of each + 1 element fee. In another words 12 elements for the 2% from 8 to 10. A couple of days ago it would cost only 10 of each to do 10% from scratch, and now...

So I am not whining about my lost millions, I did it for the clan and for the fun, but is there a real reason for it on our server by your opinion? On .ru they said that there are 100K's of elements going around the world. Do we have that here as well?

Other max enchanters (and not max), do you have enchanting orders now, what are your thoughts about it?

This is a discussion topic, so let's keep it on the level of discussion :)
Oh and yes, I know there is a topic discussing the technical details of the update. I made the topic for the discussion of enchanters. To see the after effect of the update on us all, so please don't close it.
The first effect I saw is:
- price of elements has dropped!

Maybe because now people don't have enough money for 3 weapons 4x10%?
i sold my elements and stop enchant...
I think our server has in hundreds times less elements than a server .RU, and also it is less enchanter's. Therefore this innovation has made powerful blow on economy and game process that, in my opinion, is not justified in a current situation
The number of elements is roughly proportional to square of nb of players. Since nb players ru/com is about 5, com has 30 times less elements.

The second is that this update is of no use for new enchanters. They need demand for low enchanted weapons. Yes, increasing cost will hit very strongly proficient enchanters like me and MrHellRaiser, but no positive effect there will be from this new adding percents.4*1% upgrading is very poor economically for new enchanter, it is far better to make more cheapest upgrades like earth dmg.
In time the changes won't matter so much - high level enchanters will be simply doing 4x6% to 4x8% enchants instead of the previous 4x10%.

The problem will be temporary - until all the 4x10% weapons that exist now lose durability. How long this will take - it is unknown ( it probably depends on the number/frequency of events that require the best gear possible ).

For enchanters also now i guess the ability to do 4th enchant is much more important than being able to do 10% ( which was the most important thing before ).

And well - as with every change - this is a chance for some people to make money :) Owners of enchanted weapons can liquidate them if they have more weapons than they need. This is though something that all changes can cause... so not really a problem.
i thought now we can juz add on the enchantments to the weapon without demolishing the previous enchanments?
or did i misunderstood the update?
for cyberclops:
it is all correct, but it is still over-expensive.
the element prices on .ru server is about 80% of ours.
so i agree, over-expansive :/
Do you think that people would continue using enchants at all ?
Only a few players could afford 4*10% weapons before the new rules implemented anyway.

For me it is not a big deal and I will still use enchants. The only difference might be switching to two 3*4% weapons instead of a 3*8% one. It does cost more in both enchanting and repairing, but not very much. (Didn't use enchanted weapons very often in the past and of course will not in the future)

Just a personal opinion from a "casual player".
I still have orders. Most want at least a 5% level enchant rather than a full 10%. I have not done my own maths, but I think I have been getting more element from the MG since the change was announced.

I believe business will slow down, both because it's costing more, but also due to the fact that doing a 10% is 60 hours...

I think it's too fast to see the effect of the change fully. Things have not settled down and stablised.
Only a few players could afford 4*10% weapons before

While I respect your opinion, I tend to disagree. It was quite easy to reach 1200 MG points by the time you got to level 12, or 800 poins at level 10, for almost any faction. People were just lazy or didn't have the time to do it. But they had the opportunity.

Before the update, a 4*10% weapon required 80 elements, thus roughly 400 MG points. So a level 10 player could afford 2 4*10% weapons, and level 12s could afford 3, all that without buying too many elements.

Now I am at 1200+ MG points. Getting another 4*10% weapon would require 240 elements, thus roughly 1200 more MG points. Nobody on this server has 2400 MG points, and even on the .ru server that has been online for one year longer (and has much more no-lifer players) only 14 players have that much. That means that I (along with most other players) won't be able to get another 4*10% without spending all our gold.

About the effect on enchanters:

With the new rules, people will only use the 4*10% capable enchanters to make 4*1% and then get that weapon upgraded to 4*5%...8% by an enchanter who offers services for free, or even pays his/her customers. The results: the invested gold (sometimes millions) of the 4*10% enchanters will never get returned. With these new changes they lost everything they worked for.
then get that weapon upgraded to 4*5%...8% by an enchanter who offers services for free, or even pays his/her customers

I personally hope to see the change bring about a pricing change in enchanters, but I think that's quite hard to pull off.

The current situation on ru is that almost all enchanters from 5% to 10% do not charge nor pay for enchanting, all elements have to be provided.

We'll just have to see what the market becomes here. Maybe we can openly come to a pricing consensus here on the boards?
for gem85:

As I said, my opinion only stands for "casual players" like myself and definitely you are not in this group. (#56 in the kingdom and #90 in the LG guild, I did a small investigation with less than 1 minute. Hope you don't mind! :P)

In short, enchanted weapons are only extremely useful in GBs and breaking hunter records, (even nowadays most GBs are described as "no enchants") and somewhat helpful in TG (which can be replaced by normal arts.) For me, I am not very into them and would prefer selling part of my elements to supply the daily cost on normal arts and if there is extra money, I'll save them to get a thief set or to change the faction.

Even in the past, a 4*10% enchantment costs about 300k (hope my calculation is not wrong), which is almost equal to an entire thief set. For a player like me who won't log in and be enrolled every couple hours, it is simply not affordable. Once a while in the so-called "dark age", I stopped playing this game for several months. At the point when I stopped, my combat exp is just close to top 100 and I can't call myself "casual" at that time. However, the fact is I only made a SoM 2*5% and a SoM 3*7% given a considerable amount of rebate. (with 600 MG points) Why? it is not because of short of elements, but simply due to lack of money. Doing intensive TG work and switching factions from elf to DE suck quite a lot of money and I have to cash in part of the elements so high enchanted arts were never my top objectives in the past and will never be in the future and I don't think I am alone here.

It is quite obvious that the new rule harms those "no-lifer" or hardcore players a lot, but wont have much impact on those kind of players like me. Actually, for those "high-end" diamond players, it might not be an issue as well since they are just willing to pay. Of course, no one is happier than before, but just not that bad, IMO.
for GGGG:

Wow. You made a point here that I haven't thought about earlier. If the intention behind the enchantment cost changes was reducing the gap between the chances of "casual" and "hardcore" players, then I can accept it. It hurts my way of playing a lot, but if it makes this game more fun for the majority of players, then the reason is good enough for me. Seems like my complaining about this particular update ends here. Thanks!
Seriously, I really doubt if anyone would want to enchant a jewelry any more. After the change, it is simply not worth doing it. It is too high price to pay and too little gain. I don't expect any business from now on.
It is really hard time for all enchanters.
I think for about 4-5 month we will have almost no orders. than, after enchanted weapon will be completely broken... will see what will happen. High levels tasted and enjoy battles with enchanted weapon. When they do not have enough enchanted weapon, will see what will they do.

The only think I will tell you guys:
Do not do enchantment for free to everybody just to get points in guild.
Now it will take us much more longer time to complete any order except 1% or 2%.
What sense to do it for free even now? just to be king fools, who spent millions for it?
This situation in really sad.
One of the worst updates in the game.
not because I will have no clients, because enchanted weapon will be available for only really rich players or those who use lots of real money for this game.
The pb with the update is that all that have 8% to 10% (14% to 16% for jewels -> 5 arts enchanted 14% give already about +50% dmg) have now a HUGE advantage and some of them (the richiest) had an inventory full of arts enchanted 7%+ (14%+ jewel).

It means now they are even more powerfull and for a long while!!! Still easy to do the hard quest or will save there arts for battles: it will be almost impossible to beat someone that bought pre-update a lot of arts and enchanted them (the last 2 months...)

I m more a casual player, I donate quite a few bucks for the game but this is my question: is it a game only designed for hardgamers? If YES so the update is perfect :)
Well, in addition to all that, with the continuous Monopoly in elements market it will be even harder for you. I was considering getting some enchants, but with those prices (and the new rules of course) it just doesn't worth it anymore...
If the elements market stabilizes in lower levels, you'll have more clients for sure. If not...
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