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How many seals have you opened untill now?


AuthorHow many seals have you opened untill now?
i opened 4:
Meteorite shad
8 crystals
GH knuckleduster
MH amulet
to do all others need 5 snow flaxe and 1 tree...
I've opened three so far. I finally got another Lantern Trinket. Hope I get so more, I need eight more Lanterns. I have all of the others I need.
I got:

Steel Blade
16 Ore
Master Hunter Armor.

Were is the forrest ;)
I need trees
Lol, 6th open....got my 3rd gh boots from it :P
I have 4 open. I need trees and stars.
I need 6 snowflakes and 3 lanterns...Do you know if there is a certain place to get them?
Totally random! I play most of battle at YL. I got too many Trees and Stars. I need 6 lantern and 2 snow.
i got master hunter boots and 5 sulfer and master hunter bow master hunter cutlass and hunetr bow
i need 2 fir-trees....
I need 8 Lanterns. :-(
Need just 1 star...
completed... remaining 8 lanter n snowflake 11 remaining... what a waste...
My alt opened all:
5 sulphur
6 sulphur
17 ore
MH amulet
2461 gold
GH knuckleduster
and MH armor in the middle.
Opened all finally:
6 crystals
Ice crystal
11 wood
MH armor
MH ring of dex
+13 skill points :)
14 wood in the middle! :(
GH knuckleduster
MH ring of flight
2817 gold
GH ring of charm
i open 2 onli
one got Meteorite Shard and GH Shield
i'm getting seriously frustrated now...
defender shield
MH amulet
2x 12 skill pts
22000 exp
13 wood
last one: 2200 gold
Opened all in the end, 22 unused trinkets

MH Maskrobe
MH Ring of Flight
MH Armor
MH Boots
1800 exp
2177 gold
6 Woods
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