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How many seals have you opened untill now?


AuthorHow many seals have you opened untill now?
any idea for how long there will be trinkets after a hunt?
until 2010
I've opened two so far, I got a Steel Blade and 16 Ore. :-)

Does anyone know if there's a 'best' place to get the Lantern Trinket? I need nine of them and have only gotten one so far. :/
3 opend almost 4 just need 1 tree
Opened 5

-GH boots
-GH sword
-MH helmet
-5 gems
-5 gems

My all-opened vault, nothing special here, and a lot of trinkets left :/
yea, I finished!)
@ 87:
I'm wondering if this is normal.
I have actually 3 unused lanterns but only 1 empty lantern slot(middle)...
at the opposite I've found only 2 trees and need 7 more.
Does it means that I've nothing to do with my 2 "extra" lanterns and that i can continue to get useless ones ?
A little bit boring if this the case especuially if no way to trade them for in a 1 to 1 deal.

Last question, is there a deadline to open all stull including middle one ?

I opened 2:
+12 skill point (nice i love this)
1 great hunter knucklebuckler (not good to me)
i opend 1 steel blade
this girl told me, that she opened +1 attack!!!
i counted her stats, thats really truth! oO
I open all after 3 days..
lol, this lie )
3 knowledg + 1 spell power + 1 attack = 5, she has 5 lvl.
Well it's really only 2 knowledge +1 sp +1 attack =4 because I knowledge is auto at lv 1.
ahh.. my mistake.. i thought 5th lvl 4 stats and forgot about 1st lvl stat..
got 6 mercury, my first seal... awainting next...
+1 vault=mh amulet

what can I say? better than nothing, but not enough to make a real difference.
I have 7 already, but i need stars! Is there a location which has more stars?
Try East Bay.

I need one more snowflake to open the last.
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