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How many seals have you opened untill now?


AuthorHow many seals have you opened untill now?
Does the level of the hero falling ests or arts? or money?
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NONE .. but I believe I will get some GH arts ... :)
damn, second hunt in a row - no trinkets , wtf ?!
Second? Wait until you get 10 hunts without a trinket.
Second? Wait until you get 10 hunts without a trinket.

my record is 17 consecutive fights without trinket.
1 that is a master hunter cutlass
Opened another one!
1st Open... 9 woods
2nd Open... MH Armour
3rd Open... 5 Sulfur :(
Opened 2

1st - 6 mercury
2nd - 11k exp
All opened - 5 gems, 7 gems, 7 crystal, 16 ore, master hunter ring of dextery, hunter glove and final tiger's claw
I've opened each and every seal except for the golden one. Two more pieces to add there and I'm gonna find out, what's inside that golden seal :)
I think receiving vault items does depend on the location. In YL I got only and lots of lantern trinkets ( and sadly I don't need them anymore)
First one opened was 13 skill points....

So I decide to switch to knight later then open all others at once
1 seal : 3 Crystals .. thx to admins .. :)
It depends on your level I think, I got Master Hunter Boots, Master Maskrobe and 6 Wood. Also lvl 5
1st 6 fsp
2nd mh jackboots
3rd 10 wood
4th 1388 gold
4th 1388 gold

*1827 my bad :D
4 opened... 8 ore 8 wood greathunter amulet n great hunter sword...
opened 4....
8 wood
8 ore
great hunter amulet
great hunter sword
great hunter boot
sweet price!!!!
I got too much Tree and need so much lamp :((
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