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How many seals have you opened untill now?


AuthorHow many seals have you opened untill now?
all of them! ^^

some ore
some mercury
MH armor
GH sword
GH shield
GH boots
Defender shield! (in the middle, lol)

thx admins for those items..hehe.. not many waste trinkets either (just 4-5 extras)
All Seals :

2422 Gold
10 Woods
3 Crystals
MH Maskrobe
GH Shield
6 SP
MH Bone Helmet

Nice Prizes .. :) thx a lot, ADMINS ... :)
I need only one star to open the last vault.

I have 36 useless trinkets by now. But the things inside the 6 vaults were nice :)
They are now closed.....gone forever.
Yeah i failed to open the last two seals, but it was funny... out of the 5 i opened, 3 were the MH Armour, and also the trinket distribution seems quite skewed i had over 30 unused ) many trees. May have something to do with my RL affinity with trees ;)
oh yes :( I needed just 2 more fir-trees ( and I got only anything else but fir-trees ) )
for Halvspak:

They are now closed.....gone forever.

Maybe not forever. They might be back next Christmas & New Year. :-)
i just needed only 1 snowfalke trinket.
to open the last vault!
Opened only three vaults. 7 Crystals, 8 Crystals, and a Great Hunter Sword. Required a TON of lantern trinkets to open the rest, and got everything but them.
i had nice ice crystal in mid
I noticed that there were a lot of GH arts that was given out during the X'Mas sphinx/vault event. I wonder if anyone got the rarest GH arts of them all - the GH Bow.

I had the MH bow, any GH thing =S
only one excess snowflake trinket when i open all vault
i guess i was lucky :p
I needed only one Star trinket to open the last but due to a bad fever, i didn't play for two days here is a nice gift gone. :(
Opened all. The last one contained 6 wood. I felt very disappointed.
I opened 3, needed 7 stars for the others.....too bad!
lol, im like u 274#
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