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i am trying to vote every 24 hours but new games are faster
cool, got the first post of the year

3rd place in mini list with 3 votes! haha, sweet irony
looking for family)
no idea what thats suppose to mean ;/

we are 3rd in mini and 40th in main list


hehe funny thing is with just one vote we are at number 3 with mini list again.

on the main list with one vote we are at 46th.

Almost the end of the month with barely a vote and we are, as the Miz would say, AAAWWWWWWWEEEESSSOOOOOOOOOMEE!!!

Now lets all listen to some Eminem and vote haha
boo yaa!!! number one on the mini list baby!!!


gonna watch the trilogy of the Borne movies and then if not to tired will update the main list which I did vote on. Lets goooooo!!
yo you yo :)

check out page one of this thread and lets represent!!!
+ vote
still number one in mini list

+ vote
+ vote

by the way, my online ability is back at the point where I can duel in cards again if there are any willing to test my abilities.

I am the self proclaimed KING OF CARDS.

oK, I've lost the title several times but...ummm....let's nevermind that minor detail :)
wow, work sucks but being sick is soooo much worse.

k well here goes

check it out
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