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alright tomorrow starts the new cycle.

Lets try and see how many people we can get to vote to see how many we can get this month
it has begun...
Voted :).
we are currently in 17th place on the main list.

1st on mini list.

for those of you who do not know, the mini list is to the bottom left side of where you vote for the main list. It says mini list.

so two birds with one stone you can vote on the main and then go to mini list, click on vote and then scroll down to Lords of War and Money, click again and done.
Just voted
we've fallen 3 spots

we have so many people now

I know we can do it

I believe
alright, 15 votes!!

most we've had in a while. Thats about how many weeks I miss at a time...hmmm, no? Not funny, K, I'll try again next time :P

now time for some wrestling, the show and then Kingdom Hearts 1.5
alrighty everybody, lets see how many votes we can get today :)
got a goof feeling bout today, alright, lets do this!!
we currently have 18 votes in the main and 14 in mini list.
here is the link if you wish to vote


Once you’re there, you will have to give your vote by clicking 'Enter and Vote'. As the votes get accumlated, the game will climb up in rankings.
alright. up to 22 votes. lets see if we can reach 50 before the end of the month :)
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