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just voted , im surprised that the review has not changed for new merge, i find it very , very wrong ...it has a wrong view of the game ...
ere is the link if you wish to vote


Once you’re there, you will have to give your vote by clicking 'Enter and Vote'. As the votes get accumlated, the game will climb up in rankings.
voted once again :)


love to see new names voting:D)))))

I was sick for a little over a week but great to see how some kept it goin!!

Oh yeah, +vote and lets spread the word.
+ vote
lets show them who we are.

come on...+vote
+vote :)
+ vote)
+ vote
At what number we are??
in main list we are tied at number 31 and 32.

Mini list we are still number 1.

However let me remind everyone that at the start of every month all these stats reset.
vote +

I've copied this interview with Arctic here so it won't be lost in the void of the OGF because I believe it is an important part of LWM history.

It literally could be called the genesis of .com.
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