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Thanks Skunder


AuthorThanks Skunder
for the Townhall meeting initiative.

Very constructive and unselfish behaviour imo.
thanx :D

i was actually thinkking of makin a thread like this myself :D

Yes, Skunder, that was a nice move, very constructive and unslefish, but I knew it already you were that way. :)
yep - thx a LOT! great move! and maybe the beginning of a new aera in this game (i never stopp hoping =D).
Thanx skundy :-)
Thx, Very constructive and unselfish behaviour imo.
Thanx skundy :-)

Thank you Skunder - Hopefully the admins will follow through too and answer some of the questions and maybe give us a little attention.
Gratitudes to Skunder for writing a great Happy Birthday Announcement and for getting admins to agree to a "town hall meeting". Here's hoping that admins uphold their end of the deal and take all posts on your forum into serious consideration. :)
sorry for double post - i meant your thread, not your forum :p
I'd have waited for Admins' reply before thanking Skunder, but he's not responsible of what they'll say, so thanks Skunder!!
I am an optimist! :)

Thanks Skunder for giving a tiny hope for changes...
yup, thanks :)
And it was a good story you wrote.
Big thanks from me!
Hope is still hope no matter how small it is I reckon.
Thanks for the initiative. ;)
thank you, Skunder! i still think we are living in a matrix though and you'll be answered by a program XD~
*Puts Malz and Erebes on the "to kill list" for taking liberties with my name* =P

Didn't expect a "thank you" as much as to be bombarded with 50 pages of questions on the Ask the Admins thread from everything like "can you unblock my other character?" to "admins, can you give me some gold ?", or to have someone laugh at me for making the "fee-martyr" comment. I'm actually quite happy with alot of your questions. It should make .com's plea for a little (more) attention clear to the admins.

Truthfully this is something I've wanted to see for some time now - I'm sure (and positive because some of you even posted so) that you've been wanting the same for some time too, that being, a little contact from the space aliens/deities that rule over lordswm.com

Best hopes to us all.
I would really like to thank you too, Skunder!

Steel Dragons hail you!
for Skunder:
It should make .com's plea for a little (more) attention clear to the admins.

Yeah, be careful though not to turn the thread in a Ideas and Suggestion fest (looks like at times)

But it seems that admins are getting more interest on .com. Perhaps at 1000 diamond per avatar on .ru they finally managed to get some free time back! Let's crossing fingers...
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