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Necro Question! only smart people please :p


AuthorNecro Question! only smart people please :p
shooting and retaliating troops ofc)
Off topic:
If this thread is for "only smart people please", then is the TS eligible to post here?

Taken from #1,
may i ask whats the use of confusion?
I should think that it is rather obvious based on the spell description as quoted in #19 which is taken directly from

Unless that was not the type of answer the TS was seeking, but asking if the spell is useful in combats based on player's past experiences as opposed to the TS's ineffective use of it.

Either case, I feel that the "only smart people please" part the thread title can be offensive to others like me who are not.
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Queries and help".
Please continue this discussion in the Necro thread - now revived by Georgia.

closed by Slynky (2010-06-04 14:51:13)
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