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NECROMANCER faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorNECROMANCER faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy
due to the fact that previous thread became outdated, a new Necro faction topic is set up.

previous thread @ https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1878700
great its here. so i asked a question.

so. pladonthurtme, dont take offense. my question was focused on how to beat that setup for necros.
its expert question because even top level 10 necros have lost before.

so how to beat a knight or elf with mass holy magic?

Ranor said- no chance.
mass poison... no...
mass disrupt... not too good.
mass darkness magic??? at the moment no good, solid points ( please dont post newbie answers for low level players, we are talking about level 10 and above here...) yet....
looks like im sticking to my traditional vitality + erudition or advanced defense.... even though its more like a one size fits all.
please give some good ideas fellows. dont take offense because thats a waste of time. though i maybe an "expert necro" i still need to learn, and it benefits everoyne else too.

so, post on!!!!! :DDDD
Hi, I'm a noob necro. Never paid much attention to necros.

I just want to confirm is there a 0 troop increase from level 12 to 13? Yes, a big fat 0.
for sure mass poison at lvl 9
Really mass poison for lvl 9 for sure?

I m not sure if its the best option. Mostly i read that at lvl 9 you should start with a might build (even without apparitions) and take basic def + vitality, allthough i admit a caster build is perhaps more fun to play.
so no answer......... guess ive got to figure out a way myself.....
i still think lvl 9 mass poison is best.
i know someone who wins almsot everything with mass poison( though he has apparitions at level 9)
watch his battles.
his name is kangaxx
now he's already 10 but he won battles like 8-9(kangaxx)-8 vs 9-9-9.
Interesting player. Watched some of his lvl 9 battles and he is really good in my opinion.
But i m not sure if his units would do enough damage without apparitions. For example i have seen a hunt vs 39 treefolk. Not saying that this is such a famous hunt but nice battle against an enemy with that many hp that poison is nearly a waste of mana. He used curse and delay very good but not sure if he could ve killed them without his diamond ups.
But will look at more of his fights so i can perhaps be convinced that darkness magic is a good way to go for lvl 9 necro (outside of group battles where i allready believe this).
if you have gold to splurge on, go mass poison in group battles. the arts cost more for magic than for might.
otherwise, might necro is still better for all-rounder.
guess there is no answer to my question of how to beat a mass holy magic knight at level 10 in duel full arts....
So im a lvl 9 thief necro !!!

i want to know if i should go with might build or magic build for ambushing ?
Might is better
My multie (moon33) just turned level 5 :) Right now I have max Vamps, bows and Ghosts and whatever left over for zombies. Is this standard recruitment?

Also, I hear that necros are pretty good at merc quest. Does anyone have any idea of what MQ a necro can do at level 5?

Finally, how good a talent is spirit link, I can see it being of some use combined with vamps regeneration but I don't think it would be much superior to erudition or BNM, what are your thoughts?
I started mercenary quest at level 5 with my necromancer but I was already very close to level 6.Mercenary quests were quite easy for me personally at level 5 and 6.

Also some necromancer use spirit link at lower level but I find they are a much better use at higher level.My suggestion would go raise necromancer build with erudition or basic nature magic.
for a thief necro lvl 9 ... what talents should i use ?
might talents. get vitality and whatever left.
i want to know if i should go with might build or magic build for ambushing ?
As a magical necro, you must be aware that necro caravans will be a hudge pain (can't poison), as wizz will do (few poisonable creatures + magic = longer fights = wiz hero using many spells...)

Apart from that, there's nothing like mass poison to take down small stacks of caravans.
Apart from that, there's nothing like mass poison to take down small stacks of caravans.

wrong, the most important point is even mass poison cant help much.

most units always faster than hero, mass poison become useless once they all split up.

yet, even they dont split up much. the quantity problem can overcome your poison effect. we all know caravan troops size is alot bigger than players', in such case, poison cant really weaken them to create advantage for you.

i would say if you are really wanna get some magic to aid you, get delay or dis ray because you dont need or not heavy rely on your Sp.

If our units are on one corner of the map, or maybe at 2 different corners, and if none of your stacks are in range (mainly against shrews), they will still be grouped. Furthermore, they are usually just 2 types of melee units at lvl 9, so, in the worst case, when speed differs much, you will have 2 groups (shrews and minos for ex).

As I'm concerned, it's true that poison is not always as great as you should expect; it depends, as everything, of units you'll face. It's great, for ex, against magis or eleven bows because of their low HP, or against shrews, but arguably efficient against, say minos, or dark witches.
With max I.Zombies, poison will have time to be pretty effective.

My case is specific though; with high SP, I don't have to use potion of oblivion to switch beetween wiz and necro, and I have really few skel bows... That's why I didn't told wether magic or might is better. As a magical necro, I didn't find anything working better than mass poison.
Is it possible to reach TG4(or 5) as a necro?(full arts)
How much hard it can be?
Any faction can reach any thief guild level.
About how hard it would be with necro, it will mainly depend on wich faction and art set you used to reach tg 2, and what art set you want to use now.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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