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NECROMANCER faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorNECROMANCER faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy
I used necro to reach tg2
Will change to might on lvl 8
U can see my arts
when i participated in a tournament my spirit link did not work.
i casted it on my vampires.
but still it did not work even after they were killed
its 1 mana per 75 damage.
and they disabled this function for vampires in survival tournament, due to execessely prolonged battles.
i didnt know that.
hahaha. remember the time when i used to do that, and when the b4 AI was changed. it was how i won 1st place in the tourney. since then i havent taken part in a tourney survival for months. i would wait with everything and let the enemy attack vamps non stop. a typical ltourney game would last 50 minutes.
About ambushing wiz...


Any advice in order to avoid such borring fights, with "hero duels" during a good 20 minutes?? Even if I happen to trap garg, all I could get are 1 or 2 hits by creatures -.-

I mean, appart from "raise your faction level and recruit more skel bows"? ^^
Wizard played bad, starting to kill your infected zombies while your vamps could attack his gargs was no good move. You should have placed your bows next to your liches, thus if goes after your bows he would have moved into close range from liches. Attacking golems with hero was bad, as you could have easily killed them with any other stack there.

A good strategy is to disrupt gargs, thus increasing the damage they receive from your ranged units and your vamps.

Under normal circumstances I would say that you simply have to few bows to win against a good playing wizard, but these are a few tips to improve your play.
Thanks for the advices; I like the idea about disruption ray.

Indeed, I believe that I don't stand a chance against a wiz playing well. Still, my faction lvl 7 as wiz definatly helps, and I'm more looking for fsp than thinking of victory for now on; maybe at faction lvl 5 I'll change my mind :P

About golems, I admit it was not a good idea, but they were bothering me, I guess wiz wanted to block lishes. I should have killed them with melee attack of lishes when close enough.
this is a combat showing how we disrupt the garg until its defense is 2, before we shoot it down easily in a group battle.
the first 3 rounds attack all the high priroity targets eg efk etc... while heroes disrupt garg. then, the garg will be so easy to kill.

but as a general rule, wizards are the hardest factions to beat for necros. i beat every other faction in the minor tourney except wizards. ( i won one wizard bec he wasnt smart)
but as a general rule, wizards are the hardest factions to beat for necros.

I thought so as well, but it depends on your level. I fought 3 or 4 wizards in minor tournament and they all had no chance to win.

The true pain are knights with holy magic build, there is simply no chance you can beat them as might nec.
Which is better in level 8? Avoidance or Vitality?
vitality. of course. unless youre necro faction skill 1 or 2......
How to beat elf in early levels? I'm a necro lvl 03 and i cant reach elven bowman... :(
max ghost max skellis, rest zombies

split ghosts: 1 big stack multiple small stacks

move troops slowly forward, so they move in unison (at least skells + ghost) and dont place them in such a way, that faeries can hit multiple stacks. Hero attacks bows or raises ghosts. (3 knwoledge)
Just hope for a luckier ghost:D
Ranor has got the right strategy. i would just like to add one more thing. study your opponents combat logs and see how your opponent always duels and how he setups so you know. the idea is for a whole troop forward, NOT one by one.
zombies r very funny ! they r slowest with expert delay magic and no morale to go
NEVER ever bring zombies. even infected zombies are so lousy i didnt even bother to buy them, at higher levels its completely useless except for monster quests which take place once every 100 battles i play...........
Disruption Ray can be used to substitue infected zombies; so I didn't bother with the building either.
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