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NECROMANCER faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorNECROMANCER faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy
Most people will probably tell you that necromancers are not that suited for thieving but I enjoy it quite a bit, even though I haven't been doing it all that long.

More experienced necro thieves could probably give you better advice but I can share what works for me so far. I like to use dominion of pain for mass poison and mass disruption ray depending on the situation. I also depend on infected zombies quite a lot and less on archers.

There is just something about reducing your enemy's defense/attack down to zero and slapping him around. Having large numbers of infected zombies also ensured that I could outlast even a wizard, although his FSL wasn't that high it still felt good beating him.

Experiment and come up with strategies that work for you. Attack/Magic is perfectly viable, attack build moreso starting at level 8. Heck I even tried defense build for a while, it was quite interesting combined with defense talents I could outlive pretty much anyone.
i can't really use that strategy. i'm only lvl 7 so i don't have infected zombies, poison or disruption ray.

The main spell that i use is only raise dead, yet because it takes up so much mana i've had to invest a lot into knowledge and spell power, leaving my attack and defence very weak. its good in some games against a few strong enemies where i can just keep ressurecting them, but against most games against alot of average enemies my troops just die so easy. Is there another setup that anyone can recommend?
If troops are fast you won't get time to raise before the army is dead. Maybe it's time for a might build with a few points of knowledge. Since raise dead would be starting to get weaker because of the increase of troops, you can use the spell for somewhere else like mass delay or curse etc.
Jus tturned level 11.
is my talent right?
also, are necros better at pvp in level 11 than 10?
interesting ,i get 1 extra I-zombie after recruiting :)
but i lose it if i reset recruiting. after many times of reset,i get 1extra I-zombie again !

anyone seen this before ?
I'm reading a lot about might, magic, raise, and poison builds. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can clear this out by posting the stats and talents required to make these builds, so those who are new or are just getting back in can understand just what everyone is talking about.
my MAX army was 110,31,17,7 <<---max Recruiting
now it's 110,1(extra Izombie),31,17,7 <<----special Recruiting

can u get 1 extra zombie after ur max Recruiting ?
how funny it is :)
yeah, but 1 zombie is totally useless from level 10 onwards.... better get 1 appa

Raise build:

Having 4-7 knowledge depending on your level and your own preference this build tends to win his battles by constant raising of his fallen troops e.g. ghost and vamps.

good talents are erudition (more stat points) or basic nature + dominion of life (much better raise due to 4 additional sp and higher nature lvl)

Poison build:

Having max magic arts this build is used from lvl 8 upwards mostly in big group battles. High ammount of knowledge and even higher amount of spellpower is needed. It will always be accompinied by the talents of darkness magic + dominon of pain.

Recruitment in this build is changed to normal choice due to the need for more hp therefore big zombie stacks are pretty common here.

Might build
viable from lvl 8 onward this build puts most his statpoints to attack, although 2/4 knowledge are used as well for raisinig minor stacks or casting disruption ray or phantom.

Talents to go are either erudition for more statpoints (hunts etc.) or defense talents especially basic defense + vitality (+2hp for skellibows is huge). This is the most common build in higher lvls, as you can play anything from hunts over MQ to gb's or ambushes.
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