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NECROMANCER faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorNECROMANCER faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy
sry to tell you but might build in lvl 6 is much to early you need to have minimum 4 knowledge. Otherwise i can only advise you to split up single ghosts in order to have maximum number of stacks and of course you should have raised your ghosts at least once.
for Ausum:

maybe too early in might build?
ghosts are great, they have chance to change the difficult situation,
but need some mana to wake them ;p

here are 2 suggestion, althought I think it won't help much ;)

1. when you see casters, always finish one stack first.
and observe enemy's hp,(move you mouse on them or ctrl + mouse left click)
if the stack left only 1 and he has less hp,
use hero to finish it.

2. wake up ghosts when they perished, to attract enemy's eye,
and make some time for other troop.
What talents should I use at level 7 if I am might necro?
(I use advanced eruption for +2 attack)
Well then you already made the optimum choice. Under normal circumstances I would advice for basic nature + dominion of life giving a nice raise and a decent magic punch, but since your are might this is not appropiate.
Should I put all my skill points to knowledge to get mana.Or until wich level should I put?
And if I get level 5, should I unlock magic too?
At level 8 is a good time to switch from raise build to might. Bevore that I would advice lots of mana, knowledge from 5 to 7 is common and useful. Mayebe 1 point to spellpower or rest into attack.
Wich is more useful at lvl 5 - vampires or skeleton bowmen?
For you vamps will be more usefull, as you have a very low faction skill and thus can only field small numbers of bowmen. For players with faction skill 3 bows will be more usefull, as they allow you to change your playing style to a defensive one, e.g. box bows in and shoot them all.

In the end you will need both.
So i reached level 7. As i understand from reading this topic, a raise build is still viable for level 7, and i should switch to might only on lv 8?

Also, should i take intellect, or advanced erudition?
I think raise build still work on lv 8, so it's up to you ;)
because the talent can be chosen on lv 8,
basic erudition + basic nature + dominion of life
you can raise 26 ghosts without any spell power,
and have 2 free points to add.


intellect is better,
intellect = 20 mana = 2 knowledge
adv. erudition = 1 free point

Depends what kind of combats you want to fight. If you take intellect, you can redistribute your stats and thus put some points form knowledge (5 should then be enough) to other parameter (attack). Of you want to stay flexible, I would rather take adv. erudition because for group battles you might want to take basic nature + dominion of life.
What ring suits better for a necro? Ring of Doubts or Ring of Impetuosity?

I was thinking in boost initiative and use amulet of luck, but i know luck works better with the 3 parts...

Definitely Ring of Doubts.
I got lvl 5 now, what talent should I get?And how I get more points?
take basic erudition and place the additional point where ever you want. If you reset the talent wheel and then take again basic erudition, you can redistribute this point again. You should use this to experiment a little what suits you best.

You get more talent points by gaining a higher character lvl.
After lvl 05 do we only gain 05 points in talents each lvl?
@78 yes you are indeed correct in your assumption that after level 5 every level we gain 5 talent points.
I'm a lvl 7 necromancer who only very recently started thieving, but i've been having trouble with it, so i'm just looking for advice on whats the best build for a necromancer to use as a thief?
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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