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what need to know my age?
well is know that in bf enter few people
so it's very prbable to have in he battle 3 people
you your friend and an unlucky opponent
you and you friend kill the unlucky victim and one of you (in that case your friend) lose more troops and you can have a easy win (maube legal maybe not)

if you see i never put a name or a link because i'm not angry with you and your friend but with such type of battle
if i could do something to punish who make it, well i'll do it

if what i says is true (that is a staged combat)you are punish or not, and other people could be punished too
so we can enter this type of battle and a cheace of win
8. Temporary treaties in 'Everyone for oneself' (or Blindfold battles) are not forbidden. If two or three players unite for eliminating the fourth - it is not a game rules violation. But consider that this rule does not permit participating the same combat with additional characters or from one computer


Ca&A readme. Read Read Read if you cant trust me. Beating you up is not against the rules. You have to deal with such unethical behaviour some other way.(clans,friends,etc.)
i think they play against the rule

we will see what moderator will decide

You think wrong. As Omega and others have quoted many many times, Temporary treaties in Everyone for them selves and blindfold battles are not against the rules. Arguing about it will never change it.

save your breathe. i had explain to him as well in PM. but, it seems like he prefer interpret the rules by himself :)
Let's face it, some of these treaties are anything but temporary. Or "temporary" only until they need to fight each other to end the battle anyway...

Some people take advantage of the game system to lure good-willed players into a trap where everything is set before turn 1. That's not a "temporary" treaty in my book.

On the other hand, such lame play is so common and have been tolerated for so long that it's totally pointless to complain about it.

Stay clear from any battle where such "team play" can occur, whether everyone for oneself battles, blind battles, or blind tournaments.
yes i understand omega
in facti i write last post when yours weren't go out
but so says kotrin we temporary isn't full battle i think
but i says that maybe they do staged combat and decide before the beggining who will win
they (not checked log, so dont know who) dont even need to be in contact what so ever. (not watched the game in question)

in an full art EFO, magic users (wiz, chaos DE and even a poison necro), generaly winner if not ganged. so, as a magic DE, if u dont have a pact friend with you, simply stay away from those EFO/blindfold's else you are sure to go out first with little xp/fsp.. just waste of arts
QATC Question has been answered . No need to discuss this in Q/help
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