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Will New LG Rule (if implemented) make any real difference ?


AuthorWill New LG Rule (if implemented) make any real difference ?
From my point of view:

1) new LG rule will increase admin's profit by 10% and only temporary, because:

- such rules aren't fair to new players (for example, MAX smith skill will cost THE SAME amount of gold, but it will be TWICE harder to get that amount)
- players get bored by just enrolling and not fighting (would you play this game if you knew that only after 10 years of enrolling (5 times per day) you can buy TGI and build buildings for other factions?)
- there are other very good free online games (LordsWM is no longer that good game as it was 2-3 years ago, I mean that it is harder to attract new players now)
- old players will adapt to new LG rule and that means no diamonds from old players will be given (why pay real cash now if you already enrolled more than 10000 times?)

2) There are MUCH MUCH better ways to get real money from players (+5000% profit increase for admins from this sever), for example:

- make many small events (this will attract new players AND keep old players from leaving this game) instead of very big one (a small event makes exactly the same effect as one big event - no matter how big event)
- make advertising (yes, it costs real money, but with such a good game I would earn millions)
- make this game FAIR to new players (why play this game if you realize that only after 5 or even 10 years of boring enrolling you can be equal to old players?)
- make many consumable items:
some cheap and have good effect (for example, cost: 1 diamond or 5000 gold, effect: +2 attack for next battle)
some expensive, but having better effect (for example, cost: 3 diamonds or 15000 gold, effect: +3 attack for next battle)
some very expensive, but having even better effect (for example, cost: 10 diamonds or 50000 gold, effect: +4 attack for next battle)
some insane expensive, but having the best effect (for example, cost: 25 diamonds or 125000 gold, effect: +5 attack for next battle)

There should be thousands types of different consumables - that is very huge money, which admins don't take.
Actually Roulette is very good "consumable" too, but this is not fun, make some funny consumables (like: +5 Zombies for one battle randomly walking on the battlefield and attacking everything they meet in their way).

I was really surprised how much consumables (especially useless, but expensive and having almost no effect) players buy on other online games - game makers get millions from it.
And yes, some players do buy the most expensive items (for example I've played on a team in other game and died there, but my teammate resurrected me using very expensive item available only for real cash, because he didn't want to wait for me additional 5 min).
I have many real examples where I've seen real cash going into game makers (or owners) pocket.

Such things as new LG rule (for increasing income) looks really funny, because as I said before other things gives MUCH better effect (thousand times better).
you will definitely not be able to have multiple factions anymore.

Dang, you're right. No more faction switch or you're dead broke :(
imo, new LG rule will help only faster decaying of this (once) beatiful game.

It will just annoy high levels (hence decrease activity-online numbers) but surely cramp and immobilise mid levels without spending real cash.

Its sad that creaters of this game is unable to invent/implement new cash spending options but chose to force people to buy already existing ones.
for Yuvika:
Your theory is correct in the long term* only if everything was market-based driven like the TGIs. Anything that has a fixed price would become very expensive with this income reduction.

Fixed Price:
1. Castle buildings
2. Shop arts
3. Resources

If you need any of those things, then it would be very bad.

As an example of how bad things could be other than just a 50% reduction in income leading to 100% increase in fixed price items.
Min art cost = 100 gold
Income = 300 gold
Leftover Income = 200 gold
Min art cost = 100 gold
Income = 150 gold
Leftover Income = 50 gold
Notice how your leftover income didn't go down by 50%, but went down by 75%.

Reduced incomes would affect everyone the same. So if you disregard the fixed price items, then the variable market priced items such as TGIs would not matter to the community. If players could only afford 50% of a TGI before; then after the switch (long term) they would still only afford 50%.

*long term
This point is especially important. Obviously in the short-term everything can be thrown out the window. Many factors can affect you positively or negatively if the new LG is implemented:
1. Loans (lender and borrower)
2. Arts (in inventory)
3. Castles (have or don't have buildings)
4. Gold (have or lack thereof)
5. Resources (have or lack thereof)
yes it will.

i don't want to survive, i want to play comfortably!

and i don't want anyone to rob my own time invested to LG
Basically new LG rules would affect the prices of market items that has variable cost. Fixed price items would still be the same.

We don't know if/when this would happen here. And even if it does, it may not be the same as ru.

Further discussion should be done here:
closed by Lord Pantheon (2010-10-12 06:28:51)
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