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undead attack


Authorundead attack
I'm online at 14:42 and waiting for the ambush at 14:43 but I didn't get one!!
How come?

waiting for an hour I got no ambush :((
even I always refresh group battle page sine 15:40
Impossible today to face any undead, even Im every hour ready. Yesterday it was ok. Any changes for high lever players or just extremely bad luck?
5/6 =)
2.5 skill points not so bad =)
Just got mine a couple minutes ago, so it's still going.
Yesterday i missed a wave for no apparent reason.
YES news!! =)
is it higher chance too meat the unded on the new location????
for dennis15:
No! Watch the "battles"!
is it over?
they still attack, but you need to be in the new location. same time - 43 minutes of each hour
for those who says wizard are weak in the undead ambush

you guys are wrong ..you just have to 'change' something..then you can beat them easily

check my previous 2 combat log
and my wiz faction lv1 only

really no comment for those player said wiz are weak in this undead ambush

this is strategy game man...think
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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