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undead attack


Authorundead attack
i was checking lwm like once per month for any updates and imagine my gladness to see that there were an update this days :<
i've returned! :<
for jrf:
5/7 :D

You have a LOT to read, man ;-)
do they still attack?
Thanks Second One was tough I had 13 Dark Kinghts But Survived so My score till now 2/2 Both wins but I am going heavy Art now ;P

- Anyone have battle with unit what i not have in Neutral / Undead section ?
for SilverMaiden:

Good to see you around again. :)

imagine my gladness to see that there were an update this days

It's not AN update. There are tons of them. It'll take you days just to read through and understand all of them. :)
If those undead would give very good fsp/xp ratio (more fsp, less xp) then it would be a really nice event.

Please give 5 times less xp.
For how long are these ambushes going to last?
Please give 5 times less xp.

Noo :D
attack again!!!
5/5 That one was tough, 26 black knights and 9 mummies along with about 300 skel bows and 60 or so zombies.
Bad for wizards... no bonus for neutral creatures. =( /cry
just wondering...do you have to remain online to get ambushed?

I just logged in and get ambushed on 19:53, but it seems that the last wave is at 19:43, 10 mins ago...
for Robai:
hah, u're lvl 8 alrdy :<

for Jedi-Knight:
hiya, gonna kick ur ass at the card table soon xD

uh, nice to see so many known names :*
the undead attacks are not that bad, i recieved 266exp.
6/6 Who's next? :D
3/3 Still easy as cake!
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