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undead attack


Authorundead attack
Seems your equipment won't lose duability after these ambushes. So wear the best you have. I am not sure if hunters' sets have bonus for these battles. I am wearing full great hunter set and waiting for the next wave. :D
15:28, 1407 online

1400! :)
for Dionysus:
lol ))
1400 online.wow :)
15:30, 1411 online
Looks like no more attacks.
#121 All bonuses are active and some creatures (like mummies) are "neutral" so you have bonus damage against them.
Are they not coming again?
Looks like no more attacks.
^^ Ssstt, don't tell undead how many we are.
where do they attack?

i was just ambushed in BG. should i move somewhere else or stay on the spot for the next wave?
they attack you where ever you are =)
should i move somewhere else or stay on the spot for the next wave?
stay =)
this time I was travelling and undead not attack me :(
i was staying all the time but still missed the wave at 15:40
any one has the same situation?
2/3 =( have no time for regen mana =(
@ 135
yes :(
for GGW:
woot u were lose too many
do they attack at silent hill as well?
15:59, 1456 online !!
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