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undead attack


Authorundead attack
for Jedi-Knight:
don't think so, as sayed it will be stronger when You win.
And ones more, unholy attacks twice a hour: each 30 minutes, look here
oppz, too excited. Should be -

"Raise your arms and prepare for WAR, brave Lords of the Empire ! Defend our Motherland even if 1 drop of blood
still flows within you. Do you want to live forever !?!" :p
could it mean that undead war is coming prior to dwarf war?
^^ I mean, i want to recruit dwarves!
^^ I mean, i want to recruit dwarves!

Yes, I heard Magma Dragons make good pets..
my 4th battle..wooot~~

hmmm my 3 battel whit the undead ambushed and this one was alot easyer then the first and the second battel =)
won 4 out of 4 battles ))
# 103
Why all of you are so sure that we will have war with dwarves?)) I'm sure that there will not be one^^
Will there be any prize for winning battles against them?
I'll reach level 12 in no time^^
Will there be any prize for winning battles against them?
Exp and faction skill point? :O
me 2 times attacked
it will be later another type of battles - 3 lords against undead and after everybody get some present depending from wins of each/
i like this ambush!

even no art on i still can win
i win)
Akshat_mittal02: you won 4 out of 4 i.e. you didn't go afk as usual? congrats, i'm impressed or were you hoping the undead afk? lol
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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