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undead attack


Authorundead attack
was ambushed by undead army =)
me too,what is happening?
even i dont travel,i got ambushed also
in which area?
I was ambushed in Yellow Lake
maybe it has something to do with halloween
there was 2 waves of ambushes: 13-28 and 13-35
region - silent hill
why I didnt get them?
It is a new event i think
i was in RH and meeting the undead army also
30+25 black knight and ~1000+333+1 sk bowman, should not be hard for lvl 14 without arts.

but the wired thing is i was caught by dragon guards at RH last night even i was offline.
[Post deleted by moderator Arctic // Spoiler]
Time to put on all the stuff =) I've loose the first battle naked =)
mummies skeleton upgrade + skeleton archers barely won in min AP :)
mumies cast raise dead or confusion at far and delay, weakness on hit

skeleton soldier has stun
they only came at 13:28 and 13:35
I just did a hunt at that time :((
waiting for them to come again
wooooot :D
I was attacked also...but it was nice... with AP0 I could win, however, those mummies are though...
What does the contamination ability do?
I wasn't too clever, but I won anyway...:)
Ha! Nice things! Excepting to be attacked when you are offline. Let's send some necros back in their graves! ;)
its new event
Contamination should lower morale, attack and defense of all (enemy's?) units on adjacent squares. It works like the Intimidation Aura of Nightmares.
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