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[12.24] Christmas event


Author[12.24] Christmas event
for Rilin:

Well, I'm very happy for you. From your Combat Log it looks like you spent most of Christmas Eve & Christmas Day playing. Many of us were NOT able to play that much during those two days.

Personally, I feel if the 'powers-that-be' really wanted players to benefit from this past Christmas Event, they would have given us enough time to meet our Holiday obligations and have the chance to play when we could ... like now that Christmas Day is over.

Obviously, they didn't care about us enjoying the Christmas Holiday or they would've given us enough time to win enough battles. Just rush through the Event quickly so they could say that they held one. :-(
for Zephryanna

The "powers that be" are not Nannies. They provide a service. You cannot have your cake and also eat it. If people are unable to participate in an event then they cannot. There will be periods of time when I cannot. It is not the function of the game writer's to "look after" players, many who have cultural obligations very different to those of yourself. Are the game admin to anticipate for instance the needs every religious group ourt of game?

Quite simply...play if you can and if you can't then don't.

How often I play and when is none of anyone's concern except perhaps my bank manager when I choose to donate. Yes I am semi retired and have a lot of time on my hands. None of your business my lady.
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