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[12.24] Christmas event


Author[12.24] Christmas event
[Player banned by moderator Arctic until 2010-12-24 14:12:36 // Pointless first post in GGF]
what are the answers? :)
Oh sorry
Posting questions and answers is not allowed I am afraid =) Unless they are the "funny" versions of the answers just to fill the forum with humour

What am I to do in the 'proceed to my personal compartment of the Vault'?
Pls help, I'm lost. Thanks
for Winterfly:
just fight u will get trinkets put them in your vault and u will get resources or artifacts
Wow cool! ;) I just got 13 Skill Points! :D
Ah 'tis the season. :D

Merry Christmas everyone, have a great time both in RL and in LWM. I tend to lean to the LWM side this year :P
Thanks :) Merry X'mas
[Post deleted by moderator Arctic // Sorry, forbidden]
hey don`t spoil people,keep the questions to your self,or go and check the talent section

the big muscular faction,ones who don`t know how to say`ApraKaDapra` ;)
[Post deleted by moderator Arctic // Sorry, forbidden]
Websites that you might find useful:

http://eng.witchhammer.ru/ (outdated)
Can w get trinkets from duels,group battles, tournaments? and how many days will the event last?
[Post deleted by moderator Arctic // Sorry, forbidden]
if i were you, i would answer that one. :)
looks like it's forbidden to Posting questions and answers.
During this year’s Christmas time, the following features will be yours to claim until December 26th
No new Creature?
Maybe Tiger2010
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