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[12.24] Christmas event


Author[12.24] Christmas event
4 battles won - 2 trinks
ive got 3))
2 tinklets-5or6 battles won
I and my multi got 9/9 for riddle.Both took 1500/300 gold.
ive had 10 battles now still no trinkets it's not fair i'm never gonna open 1
Agree we can get all of them in 2 days and have time with family.

I'm doing all hunts, ambushes and merc quest I can but rate is not sufficient.

Please extend duration ^^
why admins want us spend christmas in front of pc?
i dont see any chances to open all vaults otherwise

Yep, I won't be doing that either... Christmas is to be with the loved ones, not to be staring at a monitor to (eventually) get a present. so no LWM present for me :( (shpynx thingy was nice though)

But I do hope there are no TGIs in there :s
I hope there is a TGI as golden one or so :P
Yes.The rate of tinket is low :s and we have to spend more time with family.
I got only 1 key by 10 victories.
5 win - 1 trinket

The rate is low T-T
the more u hope , the more u despair :)

no hope :p

7 battles won - 1 trinks.


Merry Christmas!
1st trinket in 11 battles. finally!!!!!
i would like them to extend it to new years day or make it every win u get 1
5 win - 3 trinkets
I'd be the happiest if trinkets needed to open the locks would be more or less even. I need 13 star trinkets and only 2 tree trinkets, it's probably going to be hell to gather all those stars while I'lll most likely have a ton of trees left :(
Items still lose Durability? :(
10wins - still 1 trinket...
thats rly ridiculous, i will be with my family all this evening and will be away tomorrow all day, how am i suppose to get those trinkets?
to open all vaults 28 trinks are needed, and i got 1 trinket in 1 day, thats rly stupid. i doubt many ppl will get all of them.
there should be 100% drop rate for sure.
doing 28 battles in 3 days on christmas and u need to win all of them and u need to pray that u get egzactly those trinkets u need it would still be a challange for most ppl with 100% drop rate, but this... this is just rly rly ridiculos... shouldnt it be a gift shouldnt it be fun?
Has anyone from the administration actually confiremed the vault will only be available today and tomorrow? iirc last year the vault lasted the entire week and not just 24th and 25th of december. It could be it has changed this year, but I doubt it, and as I haven't read otherwise (maybe because I missed it) I'm assuming we'll again have a whole week
Dear Lords,
During this year’s Christmas time, the following features will be yours to claim until December 26th included:
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