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[12.24] Christmas event


Author[12.24] Christmas event
A winter background :)
3 battles won - 1 trinks.
4 battles won - 1 trinks.
why don't have hunt to me now ? - -***
5 battles won n still no trink..... ><
at tis rate i wont b able to open even 1 box....
8 battles only get 1 trink ...

i m sure none box can be opened ...

5 battles won - 1 trinks.

i m sure none box can be opened ...

Administration, please do drop rate of the key.
95% of suit us.

Thank you

can you get trinkets in mercenary quests??
for 89 yes
i got in 15 battles 3 trnikets...
i havent got one yet
and i've done 9 batlles!!
4-2, muahaha :D
you are lucky
is there any way to check which questions you got right/wrong with the spinx?
i played 20 battles and got 3....
Can we get Trinket from MG quest?
you can get them from any won combat, so from MG quest too.

6 battles won - 1 trinks.

7 wins - 1 trinket
why admins want us spend christmas in front of pc?
i dont see any chances to open all vaults otherwise
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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