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[12.24] Christmas event


Author[12.24] Christmas event
Do we have a chance of receiving a trinket even if we loose?
No you don't. only when you win.
I very hate Thief.

I need to spend each hunt and MG as soon as posible.

But they are attacked me :(
Thiefs dont chose who they attack, thats random)
oh ok.

sorry I misunderstand.

I think they can choose who to attacked. -///-
I leave 3 snow trinket I can open all box

but why I get other trinket when I don't want it ?

Although many trinkets but they aren't snow. I worthless for me :(

I think it's better if player can exchange trinket together :)
I think it's better if player can exchange trinket together :)
@vampirer(apprentice), yeah your right, i have 6 lanterns but i dont need it anymore =.= also i need lot of trees, the trinkets i need is not balance =.=
I require 1 snow trinkets now. Then I can open final box XD

My box
fifth - 7 sulfur :P
sixth - 2352 gold

very low If compare gold to spent for play all combat T^T

I hope final box will be rare item or huge resource xD
The last trinket is very very hardly to get +.+
Last year I managed to open all,but the last still normal things
i got 8 tickets and one know whats is in th middle?
I already opened all box now xD

Anyone remember for how long this lasted last year?

Just when I should use my trinkets :)
What if all of us who don't want to make records in hunts share all our hunts? I think it'd be a great chance to get trinkets!

aye ! that's what i've been doing for quite a bit now.

( first wault section open , 5! skill points
I opened all box
Hello all. People , give me pliz 600 gold for arts plz. I bad speak english.
I have opened my first vault. It's very good - 11 skill points =)
3 vaults: 10 ore, 5 crystals, steel blade (last one 15 minutes before the event is over :) )
My 2nd vault - MH ring of dexterity.
I hope that Xmas event will go on until 1 January =)
i just got a trinket...and its 0:01...
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