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Double tracking for Mercenary Guild


AuthorDouble tracking for Mercenary Guild
As most of you know, MG becomes stupid at some point: You pass by more quests then you accept, because many of them have become impossible (at least with minimum arts). Of course you could say: Wear more arts. But this is not the common game reality.

Since a hero with MG5 or higher should be a very welcomed client in the guild, he should have a little choice between several quests.
idea aint bad BUT i think there is enough for min ap guys its good you cant do all with min ap since even thieving is possible for min ap in someones..i dont mind using fulls, yes it costs but again why you are enrolling to gather money for evnts instead of enjoyining 97precent of other time and use fulls when needed but +1 what it would harm to have even more group fun:p
shit i read wrong you talk about doubletracking mixed it to huntassistant fue to my poor english +1absolutely
+1 i like that
+1 That would surely help my economics :)
+1 but make double tracking available at MG 6, same as HG.
But make double tracking available at MG4 since players generally achieve HG6 and MG4 around the same time.
I've thought of MG5, because this is the point it became very boring to me. And MG4 is maybe a bit too early (too easy to achieve).
All high levels can easily achieve MG4 and HG6. But if double tracking should be a feature that has to be earned by high levels, then it should be HG7 and MG6. Since only high level players who really work at it, can achieve HG7 and MG6.
could make it standard for all levels to have choice of several quests.. would be good
+1 could be very useful since it is very disappointing to pass 10 MQ-s for getting a fit one (10x40mins -> since at this point reputation is on 0)
+1. MG4 would be nice, since it seems that after that cap the problems begin.
very useful
+1 it would make things speed up...

I passed Wizz army 3 times in a row yesterday... frustrating...
i have never passed a mc quest till now but then also +1
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