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dwarves as favoured enemy?

Authordwarves as favoured enemy?
In my castle I found this:

I think this is not so old. Dwarves come?
it has been there more than 2-3 months but list was not fill-in.
now i see only dragons.
i think in the background Arctic works on the new event/faction but who knows when will be approved...
I think we will be getting dwarves soon :)
I think we will be getting dwarves soon :)time to put bottle away and get sober
Could be tomorrow...could be next year. Nobody knows ;)
for limustudotcom:
nobody knows? admins know, just don't share with us this information :D
for hablaty:
The dwarves know :)
Dwarves overpowered :D
we only know that basic preparations have been made...we only wait the storyline :)
time to put bottle away and get sober rofl, best post in this thread...
They will come very soon .. :) But I believe will not be more than 2 months .. :) There will be a new event IMO .. :)
it is summer holiday, i hope they time it right, I certainly dont want to miss it when i am away
In russian server dwarves ... 7 month
it will be tournament "the best dwarv" how with demons
In russian server dwarves ... 7 month rofl rly O.o??? we didnt know that at all
for naapa92:
elfs have knights on favourite enemy=)
maybe admins will cut this bug=) hope so=)
A year ago people said the dwarves will be here soon.....I guess soon is longer than I thought it was....
Not much more to stay on this matter...unfortunately...we'll just keep patiently waiting for them to arrive and "surprise us."

closed by limustudotcom (2011-07-15 22:37:08)
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