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Riots in Britain


AuthorRiots in Britain
I wish they would cut down the violence and speak it out...

Well, the best we can do is..maybe pray?
I wish they would cut down the violence and speak it out...

Thats what most people hope but that probably wont happen, the rioters will get crazier and the police more violent
I wish they would cut down the violence and speak it out...as long in shops if stuff to rob they wont stop..
Unemployment. Collapsing economies. Government agendas. Who, what and why? Who stole all the money? What is their goal for us once they have us on our knees? Why are many people not seeing the big picture?

answer is simple

just search for numbers of total human population on earth, last 3.000 years enuf :p
Here is a blog post I found.. It has all the events of the third night of the riots...

as long in shops if stuff to rob they wont stop..

The people doing this revolt thing are mostly youth or teenagers....

I have a feeling something nastier could be behind the revolt.. :S
Hey,have any one read the newspaper today!They are going to use water cannons,plastic bullets cg tear gas for future riotists in Britain!
I think the police should arrest those rioters and burn their homes. You think that's unfair? You think that's rough? Do you even think about what the rioters are doing? They are destroying the city. Because of the crime of one man.

They destroyed stores, gang up on other people who protected their community. Oh yeah. Rioters are pretty much sane. I would definitely kill them if they come to my place and started destroying things.
Imma go protest the government hasn't given me absolutely everything I want...anyone care to join me in my protest at say...our local Best Buy?
our local Best Buy? Isn't Poundland more your end of the market?

All satire aside there are grave injustices worldwide right now and the mega banks have a lot of blame owed to them. The governments are not really doing what's best for the people, except the elite.

The corrupt bankers fled Iceland. Where did they go with their swathes of cash? The money laundering capital of the world of course, London!
They should have bought in the army to help police the streets. Even with 16k police officers in London, they are not nearly as effective as the army would have been.

Of course it's a real problem that the highest ranking police officer and another highly ranked official resigned over the recent News of the world scandal... The police aren't quite as organised as they would like to be.

I think that the shooting of the cab driver was simply a catalyst for the rioting that has occurred. A lot of tension has been brewing as a result of the announcement of government expenditure cut-backs, (which funnily enough, includes cutting back on 16k police jobs in the next few years) and these tensions have simply boiled over ;) The politicians are taking a lot of heat at the moment ;)

It will be interesting to see how London can reshape itself for the 2012 Olympics now...
april fools! this was all a big hoax, victory for photoshop!
heh i was quite close to right i news today was that 33precent of british peoples think they should be shot with rl bullets
I don't believe you can take those results to seriously though. A lot of people in London at the moment are scared and injured, so obviously they would be feeling fairly angry about what has happen. At the same time, I don't believe there is a need for real bullets, although I will be unaffected by it, so I can't really contribute to anything.

What I'm trying to say is that the if the same people are surveyed in 5 years, the answers may be different. At the moment people are in the thick of it.
Anyone else hear reports that police were STOOD DOWN? I.e. allowing carnage to unfold so they can step in later and offer the 'solution'... which of course is martial law and live bullets.

I wonder if the news media empire is glad for this distraction, even fanning the flames. You'd be surprised what an unemployed youth would do for you if you gave him 100 quid... The recent stories of corruption all the way up to the PM in 10 Downing St is damning. Rupert Murdoch was sneaking in the back door and having much more of a say on what the government was doing than the people. He was pro Iraq and against the public's wishes GB went in with the Americans to "liberate" oil reserves.
GB definetly won't do itself a favour if it goes even more towards a police state than it is now.

Real bullets on kids? What a sick suggestion. I can imagine that many people want it now, but they will scared of themselves, if they open the newspaper and see the dead bodies of some 16 years olds.
These people are crazy, even worse then what we had in Thailand a few months ago. And then everybody was complaining how it was handled here.

My advice - You are living in a democratic country, demonstrate peacefully and you will be listened too.

Riot, then take the consequences, you should not be labelled as rioters but as criminals. You are destroying other peoples stuff, whats the use of that? If you have a problem with the government do something to them, not innocent people.

Police should take up rubber bullets and should any rioter not willing to go home, they can choose home, or the hospital.
Note: no live ammunition as no one should be killed.

P.s they dont riot cause of the death of a taxi driver, they riot cause they are mentally insane people, who dont have a job and have no future to look out for.

solutions is to help these people find jobs etc, but on the other hand, why don't they work harder themself, they are all dropouts from school and then complain they cant find a job, and a job like garbage man they are not willing to take.

work for your own life! and dont blame others for it
and ps. budget cutting from the governmen, what are people complaining, i live and work in a country that i don't come from, i get 0 from the government, but work hard to have a good life
well since the introduction of new weapons in the police's arsenal the rioting died down a bit... i didn't die XD .... not yet anyway
a job like garbage man they are not willing to take.
Funny you use that example. Here many of the young people (under 40) in the garbage man job have college degrees.

i get 0 from the government, but work hard to have a good life
Hopefully you aren't heavily taxed by your non-functioning gov.

But I agree with you; the rioters are just doing it because they are restless. Model citizens with good jobs do not riot.
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