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More from: The Chronicles of Skunder!


AuthorMore from: The Chronicles of Skunder!
I am happy to announce that our fabled chronicler, Skunder, has written a series of books which are in a way related to the tiny world of LordsWM!
The books seem to be at the last stage before publishing, you can view the covers already in Skunder's photo album:

Passing word to Skunder now, please correct me lest there should be any inaccuracy in my intro. And keep us updated on how the process goes. Maybe a few spoilers as to the contents? =)

Note to mods: I authorize links posted by Skunder in this thread, as he would probably wish to let us know when and where we could get a chance to get acquainted with his works.
Am i blind or sleep? do i see Arctic here?
Arctic? \o/
a series of books which are in a way related to the tiny world of LordsWM!

awesome ^^


gratz :)
he would probably wish to let us know when and where we could get a chance to get acquainted with his works.
obviously ;)
Nice would love too read that :)
nice, hope to read it soon
Rooting for it to be a success my regards to skunder:)
Great job Mr.Skunder .
Yay! ^_^
Congrats Skundy-Mastah!
Thank you great and powerful Oz... er, I mean Arctic (as he runs back behind the curtain). And thanks to everyone who posted encouraging words above.

So I was inspired by the original thread I wrote for lordswm awhile back, and decided that because I received such good feedback from the community here, and to thank you for your many kind words, I put together a book series with a minimum of 3 novels for your enjoyment. In addition, within the first few pages of book one you'll find a dedications page that recognizes the first group of CoS fans - you know who you are.

For those of you wondering what the series is all about, it's a rendition of the original Chronicles of Skunder. Though it is similar to that original story it is now a full length novel (81K words) with changes to characters, the storyline, and even the world it takes place in. Alot has changed while keeping the feel of it the same. It and the follow-up stories introduce characters and a theme that any LWM or HoMM player will feel comfortable with, but I've thrown quite a few twists in there to keep fresh and original!

Within the next few days I'll be adding info from the new books including: several links, teasers, trivia, and more with a chance to get your character name in the 3rd one (at least one LWM player is named in each book ;).

You can view the original Chronicles of Skunder here:

And if you want to be updated on news of the series, PM me and I'll chat as openly as I can about them (without spoiling them =P ).
for Skunder:
Chronicles of skunder was revolving around skunder,guilm,janneria,gilric and sorry can't remember the name of the princess.

Then why the title lorekeeper?
maybe he loves Keepers lol

Yeah I took some artistic liberty in the naming of the sect of elves called Lorekeepers. No they are not the wizard types of the same name, at all. Like I said, some things are there to keep you on your toes.

A main reason for the title change is to focus on those elves being written about, but also to take the focus off of me...Skunder. As such, you may just find a name change of one of the important characters in the books.

P.S. Cyrallin is the name of the princess ;)

@13 Maybe. Maybe...
for Skunder:
sorry if my memory flaws hurt you in any way it was more than an year but I really appreciated the story and can recall major portion of it:)
Good luck with the books Skunder! We look forward to reading them.
Awesome man, really happy for you ;) Keep that up, and good luck with the third :D
Woohoo! Been waiting some time :P I look forward to purchasing and reading them :)
OMG, Skunder. You really did it! Congratulations!

Thats some awesome work done!!
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