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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
wow finish 2 mage de thieves
at lvl 8 mage de is crap -_-

for Loafoant:

not when you have 7 knowledge , 13 spellpower , elemental call , 51 bandits , 20 shrews , 8 termgants , 30 mino gladiators , 2 ladons ,1 hydra and many more!:P
still crap :P but AI thief are a bit strong..
for Loafoant:

they dont wear min ap :D
smashed a necro thief :) , but want to slain a player thief :D
^ the thrill of killing a player is awesome :P
Still sad about arpit leaving..but life must go on :)

signing off... meet u tmrw.
Hope u resolve those prblms in ur life and be back on peak of ur career agn

This virtual life of urs and mine and several others has now started to interfere in our acadamic lives..its the time to leave it aside..u taught it to me the hard way..thnx fir that..)

Will always remember the guy who gave was always polite to everyone and guided teens like me on the right path..

Farewell bro..and hope I too cross u in. In my path..)
I am signing off too..

Just wanna find the guy. Whom arpit gave his cell no..

Will always miss u bhaiya...(
Just wanna find the guy. Whom arpit gave his cell no..

inform me when you find him..

signing off for real.. ) must reduce addiction to lords *_*
Same here..x-X
this suddenly feels boring
Chillax arpit,Chicks come and go :P .
Dont get depressed,concentrate on your RL now n maybe everything maybe okay.Im not sure ill enter in IITs but its okay for me :3
Oh gosh I wake up and what do I have here? Arpit leaving? -_-

Bye bro, let success pursue you! : ) Take care!
So long :')
GM guys..

It's a new day..

its a new start.

i cant remember where i heard those lines..*confused*
You hear a scream of Swordsmen (754), you turn around and see that they are guarding 273 gold

i'ma kill u with ur own swords.!

the sun..goes down..

i feel the light betray me...
its like the face inside is right beneath my SKIN.!
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