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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
lost to tribal both times...argh ! on the good side tribal will be awesome when I reach lvl 8+ :D
Necromancer: 1 (41.74) +8.3

closer and closer ;)
Hi guys : )
happy anniversray to old server :)
today is my birthday as well ^^
for TraumatizedSoul:

Happy birthday , enjoy the party!
Happy birthday trauma..D

What's ur name though.?
Happy birthday trauma..

Pankaj's Law Of Motion:
The speed of turning pages is directly proportional to the syllabus to be covered, assuming that knowledge remains constant in the process.
That's it...game over! Daredevils beat KKR by 7 wickets. Great knock from Warner who sees the team through!
gn guys
csk vs punjab?? easy win for csk i think :P and if u know tamil listen to this song - havoc brothers - nanbenda nice song
I am waiting for 9th may!!!

p.s - there will be auto battles on this ay :)
on this day
BRAVO !!! <3 Bravo saves Csk as he takes 3 wickets in one over.. Oh Yes Abhi !

Gratz to Raina too for scoring an awesome century !
why these players dont play that well as India? , I don't even know when raine scored half centuary while playing for India :D
whats so special on may 9? my bday?
Victory day , it's a special festival for russians
My results are on may 9 -_- if they are good it will be victory day for me :-p
:S -.- congz anyways..
may 9 i have cricket tourney in my area , important date for me too :P
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