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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
MT...my foot. lost 2/2 all because of stupid and {censored} luck >:-[
oh hi bro..:)
that ideal gas equation and how that R changes its value according to situations (here..the units..:P) is unacceptable..:P
oh u'r gonna rock at CL 8 with commanders..:P
R = 8.314 J/K/mol
R = 0.0821 lit atm/mol
R = 1.987 cals/K/mol :P
for Stupefy: im doing MT with multi... main's too broke :/
R = 8.314 J/K/mol
R = 0.0821 lit atm/mol
R = 1.987 cals/K/mol :P

R = 0.0831 lit bar/k/mol..:P
for Loafoant:
need gold.?
for Stupefy:
>.< rly ?


R = 8.314 x 10^7 ergs/K/mol :P
for Stupefy:
no need of gold :) thx for asking

see i m no need of gold at the moment..if u need for tourny then no need to be shy..:P
^ at lvl 7 every tom and harry will have DUs..so useless to be in MT and lose bcoz ur opponenet has more money in RL :/
off to multi !
that's one true statement..business advantages make gaming worse at such lvls..i m glad i lvled up..:D

u do it fast too..:)
Reputation: 10

We've got trouble: 'Empire Capital' location is occupied by a huge 'Army of necromancers {9}' . Crush it! You have 5 attempts and 600 minutes for all and sundry.

Award: 283 gold

Go, please, good luck to you, you still have 5 attempts and 599 minutes.


gotta kill skels first i guess..
good first attempt..killed bows ..so they wont grow..:P
vamps comletely lost and full liches left.. and 100 some apps..

third attempt will do i guess..
time to go..bye.!
atlast won a fight !

ok bye !
everybody busy nowadays ?
came onl9 almost at the same time..:P
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