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Its That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]


AuthorIts That Time of the year again [ Version 3.0]
that was piece of cake.?

i lost..x_X
so u can save ur petty explanations

i dont have the patience..
turns boring agn..x_X
Mercenaries' guild (Refresh)

Reputation: 10

Looking for a quest again, are you... Here is one: Nip the rebellion of 'Knights, Wizards - conspirators {4}' at '#98 - Blacksmith of might (Eagle Nest)' in the bud. Be on your guard, the rioters might attempt to get you surrounded. Hurry or they will attack all together in 600 minutes.

Award: 114 gold

"Traveling through portal for saving time"
Post for today...
orc chiefs feel so bloodlusty..:P

i got holiday today frm coaching..xD
wow just looked at arpit *bhaiya* leaving message , got so sad after reading it . We lost another legendary flooder . We all wish you god luck in your real life :(

Good luck armpit :)
i am poor , started doing missions in min ap and already got pwned by necro and tribals(AI) :(
multi gonna be lvl 6 ...
humm i am missing arpit :( , pankaj and other old flooders are also doing very little flooding :(
got a mage dwarf , lets see cna i defeat him?!
and he smashed me he had 15 spell power and rune of resurrection which is impossible to get at level 8 :(
did anyone looked tournaments page , if not then look at it we are gonna get 23rd minor tournament!!! . yay!!! . but will become begger soon -.-
humm all dead :/ almost 2 hours and no one posted except me!
yeah,im not being online at all,barely 3 hrs daily..
arpit's online !

just brought full arts with multi..gonna try to win this tourney \m/ !
go for it loaf..:D

meanwhile i battle my mind with these inorganic formulas..x_X

other than this..all's going above my head..:P
PV = nRT lol XD
the thing that rocks is when u enroll in factory of wage 220 while 7.5 k players are onl9..:P
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